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How I think our view to see things changes over time.

How I think our views about love and sex have changed.

By Arthur XandersPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Just a thought.

There used to be a time when I believed that love used to be such a big thing.

I don't think that anymore.

Ok so, previously things used to be like...

There is usually a boy who sees a girl,

he likes her,

then he would think about her, and he comes to the same place, at the same time, on the very next day to see her.

Then they will see each other day after day,

it will become a thing,

smiles will pass,

girl will notice,

and then they will flirt like that,

things will eventually progress.

Then one day one of them will confess, or not...

If we have to spice it up.

The boy could have a dark history,

so he knows he has to leave,

but he could not help but be attracted to her,

then despite that, she will accept him, and boom, They could have a happy ending.

A beautiful story right?

Not quite, things are different nowadays,

Love used to be all coincidental and people used put effort to make a relationship happen.

But now people see love as a transaction,

they compare who had the most partners, the people they know, and the benefits they get from having them in their lives.

It has become like that.

It is similar about having sex also. A bold topic I know, but,

there is this thing I heard from some famous speaker

he said, " in today's time a teen could see more beautiful women naked, in just 15 mins, than a king of a continent could have seen in his lifetime. "

and that is so true.

previously people understood how precious our own body is to us.

That actually is something that is completely our own, from the day we come into this world.

People cover it up, not to publicize it.

And if anyone would have seen them naked in the previous times way back.

It use to be such a big thing.

People will say that it was a old thinking and such,

But people before would kill the other said person, who had seen their bare flesh, or they would have been forced to marry.

People used to take it as such a pride, that they choose to let someone see them naked, touch their skin or have sex with them.

Also when you have to have sex, it's not like you meet and then direct cut to sex.

you have to agree with each other, then you kiss, then you go to a room, walk across the hallway and remove your clothes.

For such a long time, you could have so many thoughts before actually doing it,

like if it is too fast or if you should really do it or not.

even when I was a child when the internet was not that accessible

If you would have woken up naked in the class, it would have been dyingly shameful.

I had nightmares like that.

But now if it were to happen to anyone,

he would have been like,

"what? never seen dick this big before" or "what are you looking at?"

saying that anyone would leave, no shame at all.

also now not even a teen, razzing with hormones will not react that aggressively seeing a naked girl.

because he would just compare, he would have seen so many naked girls on the internet.

honestly, I think he would just think " huh? could have been better "

I just think it is weird how much our view to see things, changes over time, and we accept it like it is normal.


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