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We Need to Love with God’s Creature

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By Zulfiqar AliPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

We Need to Love with God’s Creature


Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a 12-year-old girl named Lily. Lily was a cheerful and kind-hearted girl who lived in a house near a lovely pond. In that pond lived her favorite friend, a duck. This wasn't just any duck; it was a beautiful baby pink duck that Lily adored.

There are also many animals and birds live around the pounds and there are also beautiful birds lives in the trees and also white rabbits lives there under the trees. This is very beautiful place where Lily lives because around his house there are many mounts where clouds touch the mountains and Lily enjoying to see all this but she loves most with pink duck.

When rains season come Lily come out from his house and run in front of her house garden. This house is very small but location is very beautiful it makes with wood and her parents decorate this house with small flowers and natural things like plants, flowers, and a small boat which made by her parents.

Every day, after finishing her schoolwork and chores, Lily would rush to the pond to spend time with her feathery friend. The pond was surrounded by tall, green trees where many birds lived. Their songs filled the air, creating a melodious symphony that made Lily's heart dance with joy.

Lily had a special place near the pond where she would sit and watch her pink duck gracefully swim in the water. The duck seemed to love the water, and its pink feathers glowed under the warm sunlight. Lily would often bring a little bag of food with her, and she enjoyed sharing it with her duck friend.

One sunny day, something magical happened. Lily noticed that her pink duck had become a mother! It was a heartwarming sight to see the baby ducks waddling around their mother, imitating her every move. Lily couldn't contain her excitement as she witnessed the adorable scene unfold before her eyes.

The little ducklings were fluffy and yellow, following their mother like a trail of sunshine. Lily decided to call the baby ducks her "Sunshine Ducklings" because their presence brightened her every day. She continued to visit them, bringing extra treats for the new family.

As days turned into weeks, Lily noticed that the baby ducks were growing rapidly. Their tiny quacks became louder, and their feathers started to change color. Lily, being the caring friend she was, researched the best food to ensure the ducklings stayed healthy and happy.

One day, Lily decided to organize a special picnic for her duck family. She packed a basket with their favorite treats and headed to the pond. The moment she arrived, the ducks seemed to sense something exciting. Lily spread a colorful blanket near the water and began feeding them delicious goodies.

The pond echoed with the sounds of joy as Lily laughed and played with her duck friends. The ducks, in return, waddled around her, expressing their gratitude in the only way they knew how – with happy quacks and flaps of their wings.

The friendship between Lily and her duck family continued to blossom. They became a source of joy not only for Lily but also for the entire village. Lily's simple act of kindness had created a magical bond between a little girl and a family of ducks, reminding everyone that the simplest pleasures in life could bring the greatest happiness. And so, in the heart of that small village, the story of Lily and her pink duck family became a cherished tale passed down from one generation to the next.


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