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Ways You Can Make a Thai Woman Feel Loved

by Lai Qiu 2 months ago in love / dating / advice
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The positivity they radiate mesmerizes many tourists who come across them.

by Prapoth Panchuea on Unsplash

Ever wondered why Thailand is called the Land of Smiles?

It’s because Thai people seem to find happiness in everything that they do. The positivity they radiate mesmerizes many tourists who come across them. Add that with their hospitality and you’re bound to be a happy camper.

By a stroke of luck, you might even find the person who is meant for you here.

But you can’t just run off to the sunset with a Thai woman just yet. You will need to put in a lot of work before you can win her over. And once you hear her sweet “yes!”, there’s no doubt you’ll feel like the luckiest man alive.

Rushing to adapt to someone else’s culture can be overwhelming and can frankly ruin your experience. Learning a little bit about Thai culture, however, will make it much easier.

So, without further ado, here are the many ways you can make a Thai woman feel loved.

Keeping in touch when you’re far apart

One thing you should know about Thai women is that they really appreciate a man who looks after them even when they’re far apart.

Separation anxiety is a hard one to deal with when dating a Thai. Because of how common it is for Thai men to have multiple partners, Thai women have learned to be wary of their partners.

This makes it all the more difficult to earn their trust. To help her get rid of the negative thoughts, it’s good to check up on her once in a while.

Whenever she's available, you can call your partner. Whenever you like, you can even text her romantic notes. She'll appreciate it because someone cares about her well-being.

Sticking to her side

When throwing a party, Thai people go to great lengths to make sure their guests are well fed and accommodated.

But sometimes, it can be hard to mingle with them when you aren’t really feeling up to it. Your partner might feel the same way. But for the sake of keeping face (which is HUGE in Thai culture), you would have to wait for the right moment to leave the party.

It helps to have your partner by your side in situations like these. Thai parties are often filled with hopeful singles who see it as an opportunity to come home with a number in tow.

If these singles are none the wiser, they might mistakenly hit on your girl too. To avoid any misunderstandings, it’s best to just stay by her side.

Make sure to find time for her

Life can be hectic. It takes a lot of time to juggle work, friends, and family.

The utmost important thing, however, is right there in front of you: the woman you love. Imagine what it would be like if you didn't have her. You’d barely find the motivation to get up off the bed.

When choosing your priorities, you have to make sure you’re being fair. You can’t dedicate more than half of your week to work and friends — you have to take some time for yourself too.

Besides, weekdays can get stressful and you need to recharge to get back on your feet. What better way than to spend time with your loved one? You would certainly look forward to every weekend.

Getting along with her family

When it comes to romance or dating, many Thai women are still very traditional and would often abide by whatever advice their family gives. If you were to get along with her family better, she will surely get the impression that you’re in it for real.

Winning over her family won’t be an easy task, but it’ll be worth it once they get to know you fully. You will feel right at home in their company and they will also ensure that you won’t run into trouble during your stay.

by Il Vagabiondo on Unsplash

Complimenting her when she tries out new things

Whether insecure or not, Thai women like to be told they look beautiful. It's good practice to encourage your partner whenever she tries on a nice dress. By doing so, she can find new interests and step outside her comfort zone.

She would feel validated when complimented by the people close to her heart. So when you tell her how wonderful she looks in her dress, know that these little comments do wonders for her self-esteem and confidence.

Being open to physical affections

Thai people are quite expressive when it comes to the people they love. Any Thai woman would surely love to spend the rest of the day cuddling in bed after a long day at work.

But you would have to be careful with showing too much of your love, as public displays of affection are often frowned upon in Thailand. There’s nothing wrong with staying in close proximity, it’s natural for couples in Thailand to do so. However, being too excessive and public with your affectionate gestures may warrant a few stares.

Besides, hugs and kisses are more widely received when done in close quarters. Thai women can get a bit jealous when you show other people your affectionate side. Best save your soft moments when no one’s watching.

Never fail to remind her how much you love her

Thai women greatly appreciate a man who is attentive to their needs. Most men aren’t quick to notice the little details such as pet peeves or habits. So when these women do encounter a man who does take notice, they’re quick to tie them down.

So when a Thai woman decides to date you, that’s because you have all the qualities she is looking for in a partner.

Relationships are a two-way street and you would need to constantly assure her that she’s not the only one who is invested in it. Validation plays a big role when it comes to dating these ladies.

So whenever you can, take every opportunity to assure your partner that you love her. The possibilities of showing love are endless, so there is literally no excuse for you to find ways to make her feel special.

Lai Qiu, Dating Coach and Professional Matchmaker for Asian Women


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Dating Coach and Professional Matchmaker for Asian Women

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