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Vacation part 2

Ice Riverville and Jack

By Jessica HowardPublished about a year ago 6 min read
Vacation part 2
Photo by Tamara Schipchinskaya on Unsplash

So I had found out that Jack and his sister owned the restaurant we had had dinner in that night they had inherited it from their parents a couple years ago I didn't ask what happened to their parents as it was not my business. Marie had been my best friends for years and had been there for me when Logan had cheated on me but sometimes it was hard to be around her and Trevor as Trevor was Logan's brother and their looked to much a like I tried hard not to treat Trevor any different but it was difficult at times. The morning I had just needed some time to myself so I was strolling through a antique book shop I loved antique books I found a copy of pride and prejudice one of my most favorite books when someone came up behind me 'good book' I jumped and nearly screamed 'it just me' Jack rubbed my upper arms to calm me 'I am so sorry I didn't mean to scare you' I stepped back 'well you did you shouldn't sneak up on people like that' I snapped 'Lily I am sorry' his face looked so sad 'no I am sorry Jack I shouldn't of snapped at you like that' his face lifted a little. I hated myself for being like this but with everything that Logan had done to me I hadn't fully gotten over it 'um... sorry you said something before' 'yes I asked if it was a good book' 'it is a good book one of my favorites' Jack smiled at me 'can I buy you a coffee as an apology for scaring you um... do you drink coffee I could buy you something else' 'I love coffee and that would be nice just let me pay for my book' I smiled a little it was the least I could do after snapping at him I had felt bad.

Jack and I walked down the street 'this is good coffee' 'Hannah makes a good coffee just like her mum' 'how long have you lived here?' 'my whole life we worked in that restaurant since we could walk it is ours now since our parents died in a car accident two years ago' 'I am so sorry' 'thank you and we just could never imagine living anywhere else' Jack smiled. There was one thing I to admit about Jack he had a gorgeous smile 'so what about you? 'what about me?' 'what is your story?' 'I don't have one so um... thank you for the coffee but I should be heading back' 'so soon' 'bye Jack' 'bye Lily' I cross the street without looking back.

When I arrived back at the hotel Marie is waiting for me 'where have you been?' 'I went to the antique book shop than had coffee with Jack' 'oh' 'don't read anything into it Marie he came up behind me in the book store I jumped and nearly screamed he said sorry I snapped at him and I felt bad so I agreed to have a coffee with him that is all' 'I thought you had got past the jumpy stage' 'so had I' 'you can't let what Logan did to you to ruin the rest of your life' 'I am trying Marie' I sighed 'so Trevor has taken our baby girl Holly to the museum should we catch up' 'sure' I smiled at Marie. I tried so hard to get passed what had happened with Logan and I thought I had but the morning had just proved I hadn't not only had I been jumpy but I hadn't even talked about myself with Jack I had just avoided it and had felt awful because he seemed like a nice guy but I just couldn't even be friendly because I was too messed up and afraid of getting hurt again.

That night Marie had suggested we eat at the restaurant again but I couldn't face Jack so I had said I felt like pizza so we ended up at a little pizza place down the road from the hotel 'it is so cold here' 'Lily you booked it' 'yeah well it didn't say anything about snow' Marie shook her head 'they should call this place ice Riverville' Trevor laughed. Just as our pizza arrived Jack walked in 'oh no' 'what?' Marie followed my gaze 'you can't avoid the guy' 'I am not avoiding him' 'yes you are this is why we ended up here because you didn't want to go to his restaurant' of course Marie had seen right through me. Jack spotted me but didn't come over he just smiled and waved Marie smacked me on the leg 'wave back' I waved back 'that hurt' 'good don't be so rude to him he is just being friendly' I knew Marie was right. Jack didn't make a move to come over 'he is waiting for you to make a move and talk to him' 'why' 'because you haven't been friendly' 'I just don't want him to get the wrong idea' 'there is nothing wrong with being friends with him just go and talk to him' I sighed and got up from the table.

Jack smiled as I came over 'hey' 'hey' 'um...I am sorry about the other day running off like that' 'it is okay' 'no it is not the thing it is not you it is me, my last relationship ended badly and I am not looking for a new one' 'So did mine so I just want to be your friend' 'really' 'yes' 'daddy' a little girl ran over 'hey sweet pea' Jack scooped the little girl up 'this is Sarah my daughter' 'hello sweetie' Sarah smiled 'hi' 'daddy can I have some money please' 'sure' Jack put his daughter down and got his wallet out 'don't go far' 'I won't' Sarah ran off 'she is four my wife ran out on us a year ago' 'I am so sorry' 'so I raising Sarah on my own' 'you must be doing a good job she adores you' 'thanks' Jack smiled at me and I smiled back. Jack glazed over at his daughter than back at me 'so have you been to the zoo here?' 'no I haven't' 'I am taking Sarah tomorrow would you like to come with us' 'I loved to as long as I can bring Holly' 'Holly?' 'Marie and Trevor's baby girl it will give them some quality time together' 'sure, we will meet you both at the hotel at 9 am' 'sounds good' Jack looked over at Sarah 'go we will see you both in the morning' 'see you in the morning' Jack smiled as he walked away. I sighed to myself I what had I gotten myself into I didn't know whether it was a good idea or not I was scared because I didn't want him to get the wrong idea and I didn't want to get hurt again but Marie had been right I couldn't let what had happened with Logan ruin the rest of my life I needed to heal so going out with Jack may not be the best idea I guess only time would tell.

End of part 2!!


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