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this is my journal

By Jessica HowardPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
My Journal
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I have always been old school with my journal, I have always hand written my journal but that is about to change here is the first entry on my new journal on vocal.

My Journal 6/4/21

I just seem to be working so hard and just not getting anywhere and it is so frustrating.

I have to work hard for everything in my life whether it is my career or my friends it is so hard work holding onto friends because I have to be something I am not because I can't be myself because no one was to be friends with me so I have to be someone else.

With my career I have had trouble hanging onto a job I get a part time job and I have to work so hard to keep it. So this is why I went back to what I am good at and that is writing it is the one thing I have been good at over the years and I hope to still be good at, I have a part time job and I am working hard to keep it and getting back to my writing is something I do for me it is what I am passionate about.

I spent my whole life working hard and always ending up back where I started I want to change that and get somewhere instead of getting nowhere. I would like to hang onto the two friends I have because one of them I can be myself with and I don't want to lose that with the other I have to be someone else but I don't want to lose that friend either.

I don't have a lot going for me but I would like to hang onto what I have got and I will work hard to keep it and I will get somewhere instead of nowhere. I need to get back to the things I am passionate about like my writing and I am also passionate about drawing so I think it time to get back to my drawing and hope it will help through my life and get me somewhere.

Life is hard and I will hang in there no matter what life throws at me.

I want to get somewhere in life and not nowhere I will do what is best for me no matter what life throws at me.

I Ask you why people can't communicate and tell you when something is running out and just leave it because it not their responsiblity it is gets the blame and they haven't been around for a few days and no one told them about it. This a problem I have at work all the time because I haven't been at work for a week and no one tells me things are running just expect me to be a mind reader and it just creates morr running around it is a pain in the ass.

7/4/21 So back to work I go and I got to get so many supplies which requires a lot of running around because no one tells me about it and if not done it really annoys me so welcome to my world when things never go right or I am always doing something wrong.

I often wonder I am the only one out there that has this problem or are there others that do to. I hope I am not the only one out there that has this problem.

So I hope that things will get better for me in the years to come.


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