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Twin flame

How to know you’ve found your twin flame

By elli poitrasPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

let me first start off by answering the simple question... what is a twin flame?

You only have one Twinflame while you can have multiple soulmates. It is said that when you both come together it is like two perfect pieces of a soul finally joining together. You may meet before it is your time to shine together and this can cause conflicts and turmoil. You need to learn to respect the other and what they are experiencing. Usually you both need to learn a couple of life lessons before you can come together. It is extremely normal to meet at a certain point in your life and for things not to work out. This will depend on you and them, whether you both can overcome obstacles that have been set in your path. If it doesn’t initially happen, it might later on. Your Twinflame will most likely be someone from the opposite sex, but they can also be a sibling or even a best friend.


1. The first thing to look for is the profound intense connection you will share with each other. What seems like non sense to others on the inside may seem like exactly what you are needing on the inside. Each time you will see them or meet them, it will hit you like a powerful shock to the heart and stomach area. They will constantly be in your thoughts and even haunt you when you are trying not to think about them. To others, your personalities will make no sense together. You will seem too opposite of each other, but it is in fact the perfect complementary.

2. The second is the fact that your Twinflame is here to teach you something extremely important. This could be to balance past life karma or even to learn that you deserve love and respect. No matter what they teach you, always remember that you will teach other a big life lesson. This may be part of one of the biggest challenge you may have to face in this life.

3. Third is the amazing sense of familiarity that you will both share. It will seem as if a day has never gone by without each other. You will instantly pick up conversations where you left off and feel extremely at ease. You will challenge each other where you need it most. No one will understand you better than your Twinflame and vice versa.

When and if you meet your twin flame, will you commit to growing together? Or go your separate ways as friends.


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elli poitras

My name is Elli and I am hopeless romantic. I'm a psychic fortune teller by day and a dreamer by night. I hope to share my love for romance and interesting topics with all you beautiful souls. enjoy *

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