Troubles With a Psycho

by Grace Manzo about a year ago in friendship

A Psychotic Relationship

Troubles With a Psycho

It’s normal for people to have many friends, maybe even a few best friends. However, one of my best friends is close with a psychotic, crazy girl. But, before I get into that, let's backtrack. I have known "Sara" since we were both 5-years-old. We are currently 21, and we became closer last year when I moved back with my dad to my hometown. With that being said, we do everything together. We go to lunch, we club, we even study together. Our relationship can't get any better, but there is someone threatening it. Sara has another best friend named Esther. Sara and Esther have known each other since they were 12. They met when Sara moved away to a neighboring town. They instantly got close, but from day one Esther has always had this weird obsession with Sara. Esther is either in love with Sara and doesn’t know how to act upon it or has a mental disorder. I mean that with the uppermost sincerity. It’s not inaccurate for me to make these assumptions. Whenever the two of them go out Sara ends up telling me the next day that Esther tells strangers that they are “together” and tries kissing her. It makes Sara uncomfortable but yet she continues to just let it go.

It’s true, for reasons I will say later, this girl must have some sort of mental disorder. Bipolar or something. One minute she’s nice and then the next she’s the biggest bitch I ever met. And her bads are so much stronger than her goods. Just last week, she accidentally ran into me and Sara while we were eating pizza. Esther acted very nice and asked me questions about my life, it’s my fault I fell for it. Later that evening Esther started a fight with Sara over IMessage; it was a small fight but she basically explained her disinterest in me and that I am fake for talking to her. I was just being civil! Back then she didn’t give me a reason to ignore her like I would now. Adding on, Esther always has to be with Sara and if she's not with her she will be constantly calling and texting her to find out where she is. It kills her inside that she has another best friend. Esther isn't just the normal, possessive friend; if Sara tells Esther that she is with me, Esther will start an altercation with Sara, curse at her, call her names, and say major shit about me.

Recently, they just had a fight, which prompted me to write. Esther found out that Sara and I were hanging out, and this time, instead of just attacking us, she started attacking my mom. She called my mom the "C" word, a "broke-ass bitch," and other things that are just too horrible to mention. You can say I was beyond furious, say all you want about me, but don't start talking about my mama. She crossed a major line. After Sara told me about what she said, my two other good friends who were with us at the time, "Julianna" and "Marie" instantly wanted to call Esther and talk some sense into her. Honestly, I wanted them to do so, but I knew that would just cause more crap for Sara. Esther also wrote that Sara talks a lot of shit about me, which she says is the reason why she hates me, but she's just trying to manipulate me into believing that Sara talks behind my back. I know that is not the case and Sara always has my back, if that weren’t the case Sara wouldn’t be telling me all of their fights regarding me. She is threatening our relationship and enough is enough; the fact that I even wanted to unblock her from social media just recently because I thought we should talk and make things right is unbelievable. She deserves to be blocked. Even more, she deserves to be punched in the face.

What hurts the most is I know this isn't going to stop Sara from being friends with her. Sara has a problem with dropping people in her life, even though everyone tells her to do so. The question is, should I do something about it? Or should I listen to Sara and leave it alone? I hate not doing anything, but I don't want to go against my best friend's wishes. I just would love for Sara and Esther's relationship to be over.

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