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Thoughts on July 19, 2021

by Tammy hopkinson 2 months ago in advice

Another day in the Books

Thoughts on July 19, 2021
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Well, today was a busy day, to say the least; We had a new girl that just started, along with another girl who has not been there that long, doing pretty good. However, they need more work in areas of the restaurant business. It is so hard in this day and time that you cannot tell anyone anything for fear that it will make them mad and quit. The struggles are real; when it comes to finding people who want to work. Show off their skills and traits to the public. Sometimes you come across a few here and there who want to do the job and do it to the best of their ability or the highest standards. However, most of what we end up with are the ones that do not want to do all the work and think they know everything about the world. There are times that you have to bite your tongue for fear of saying something wrong; then there goes your reputation and career all in one swoop. These days people can be so rude people act the way they do in the workplace. It scares her so much because of the way the world is going! With the killings, robberies, and riots everywhere in the world! Not everyone understands the crime and chaos happening.

You know, on top of the pandemic. Which put a halt on small businesses, and it made it hard for the sales to last. This past year has been scary now; you cannot get people to work for anything because they; paying them to sit at home and do nothing all day long. Working with the public makes it hard sometimes because you have to kill them with kindness and ease their minds. Furthermore, you have to do your best to make sure that they leave happy so that they will return to your establishment again to spend their money. However, sometimes that does not work all that well because of many different reasons. Random thoughts while she sits here starting; to write about her day and then writing about something else. It is okay because she can move the parts to other areas of the post; to make it flow a little better. The world is lazy, and people are getting; lazier as the days go on, and you cannot do anything about it; because parents are raising their children this way. They teach them that it is okay to get whatever you want and when you want it. That is not the lesson that people should be showing or giving to their children because then, that is what the businesses end up with people who do not want to work but get paid for the work that they are not doing. People expect 15 dollars an hour to flip burgers or drop fries at a fast-food joint, but when it comes to the people who have put their time and experience into the job at hand, they do not get anything else. In turn, that means people they hire to work for the company. Come in for the first day are making as much as the people who have been there for years. We are having shortages of food here, and it is going to get worse. History repeats itself, and many people are in for an eye-opening experience. Right, now, the minimum wage is at ten dollars an hour and will go up a dollar every year until it is at fifteen dollars. Wait till you see prices when it is at the cap off.

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Tammy hopkinson

She loves to write and spend time with the family. It has not always been an easy road but, it never is. I hope that you enjoy the articles that I write.

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Tammy hopkinson
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