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Things to Look For to Avoid the Wrong Partner

by Romario Sellers 4 months ago in advice
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Choosing a suitable partner is important.

Things to Look For to Avoid the Wrong Partner
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Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. But in fact, man is a far too complex specimen, and hypothetically speaking, if this situation had been possible and accessible to anyone, I do not think it would have been lived and appreciated as intensely as it seems when it is heard,

But those who already have some experience in this field, dating, failed relationships, disappointments, character mismatches, already know that to recognize the wrong partner, you must first know yourself very well.

This step is a fundamental one because only when you manage to understand yourself, identify your own needs, and learn what is necessary to satisfy them, you will know what you want and what you are looking for in your life partner. And by knowing yourself, you will have the power and freedom to exclude those you do not identify with.

Many love relationships are created on the dependence of one partner on the other, the dependence fed by the idea that the partner is the only person in the world who can give you what you want, can satisfy a certain need, which seems existential to you.

In reality, these dysfunctional relationships should be used as an example, to increase in you the desire to learn to really know yourself and then to be able to recognize an inappropriate partner in your life.

Thus, according to Maslow's pyramid, which structures the fundamental needs of man in 5 categories, the physiological needs, which are the basic ones, are followed by the safety ones. in which you see how much you want to be protected when you are involved in a relationship, and how much of this percentage is covered by your partner.

This need for security refers to security in opening yourself up in privacy without showing any fear, in being open and without defense in front of the other. If the result meets your expectations, you can think of the next category, namely the need for belonging and love.

To recognize the wrong partner, you need to analyze yourself in terms of this need. This need for belonging and love includes the need to receive or offer tenderness, affection, sexual pleasure, to be appreciated and appreciated, and so on.

This occurs at an early age, when we feel the need for warmth and parental love, developing during adolescence in sexual needs, and thus, depends on how much they have been satisfied. Thus, for example, a person who finds himself in the situation of an orphan from an early age, will certainly register a more pronounced need for love and belonging from his life partner.

The next category described by Maslow's pyramid is self-respect, and the need to love and respect ourselves and to be appreciated by others. In this case, you can recognize the inappropriate partner by their lack or poor offer.

And last but not least, the need at the top of this pyramid is self-actualization, which means they need freedom. To recognize an inappropriate partner from the perspective of satisfying this need, he would fall into the genre of those who limit you as a person who restricts you, with whom you feel that you can not develop personally, you can not show your true potential.

It is quite difficult to analyze yourself from the perspective of each need, to understand what you need, and that is why it is even more difficult to recognize an inappropriate partner according to these criteria.

After all, this article has scientifically explained what you can already feel. So when it comes a time, you will feel that it is the wrong choice! You may not always have a logical explanation for this, but rely on the signals within you!


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