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Things that no one will tell you easily and you will only find out after you leave your job.

4 things you'll only find out after you leave your job

By cly mumfordPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
Things that no one will tell you easily and you will only find out after you leave your job.
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There were predictions that the epidemic would be followed by a wave of retaliatory spending, and such expectations were a brief relief to many industries. For industries such as food and beverage, tourism, and so on, a wave of retaliatory spending would be a life-saving rainy day.

However, the domestic epidemic has stabilized, so is a wave of retaliatory spending coming?

From the current situation of people working in various industries observed by Xiang Yang Jun, many people are anxious to keep their jobs because of layoffs, and many are full of grievances but don't jump ship because of salary cuts, so it's not easy to maintain the status quo, so where is the effort to spend with a vengeance?

On the contrary, more people are more cautious and tightening their purse strings, and more people are thinking about their current situation and future.


Some people who have left their jobs and are still unemployed because of delays in returning to work, or because of the downturn in the industry, are inevitably anxious.

How long do I have enough savings to get by?

When will I get my next job?

What kind of job should I look for next so that I can keep working?

Office area

These are also the questions that Xiao Qin, a consulting client who came to Xiangyang Career some time ago, was thinking about during his time at home while he was unemployed. He left his job at the beginning of January this year, but he did not expect to find his next job because of the epidemic.

Xiao Qin has been working for 5 years, but his workplace experience is very rich, on average, he changes jobs once a year, the longest one for more than a year, the shortest one just after the probationary period, and then jumped ship, reflecting on the development of these years, Xiao Qin deeply feels that if he does not determine a field of good development, if there are some unexpected variables in the future, then he simply can not carry.

The experience before and after Xiao Qin's departure should resonate with many people, some things they do not experience once will never realize, some workplace development of the truth, only after their departure, experience the twists and turns will be found, others will not easily tell you, perhaps said after you are also difficult to listen to.

However, these truths, the sooner you know, the sooner you can get on the fast track of development.


"It's naive to think that you can make a living anywhere you go

Some people don't take changing jobs too seriously because they think there's always somewhere else they can find a new job anyway.

With this mindset, work is just working, it's all about making a living, and what happens? The result is that when you encounter some setbacks, you run away, you want to quit when things don't go your way, and you see job-hopping as the only way to solve your problems, but you are sowing deep seeds of trouble.

Even if you have the same career starting point, if you have a different mindset and different understanding of the same job content, you will naturally have different performance.

Not to mention that many unexpected factors come into play, and if you only have the mentality of muddling through, you will sooner or later get yourself into trouble. I wonder if this epidemic is like a blow to the head for them so that they can break away from such imagination.


From the start of your job search, you should set your goals and give it your all

Japanese bestselling author Ichiro Wada wrote a book called 12 Things I Regret After Quitting My Job, in which he uses his own experience to tell readers to commit to what they are doing now as early as possible, no matter what.

He believes that even if your major is a hundred thousand miles away from the job you are doing when you decide that there is no way out but to take things seriously, your potential will emerge and you will be able to see the true joy of your job.

Xiangyang Jun thinks he is not entirely right. You indeed have to give your best to your work, but if you are facing a field that you do not like and are not familiar with, the process is very painful at the beginning, and it is easy to accumulate negative emotions so that you cannot find enjoyment in it.

Why put yourself through this process? Why not plan your career and set your goals from the very beginning of your job search?

Over the years, we have seen countless candidates cast a wide net when submitting their CVs, and at least 80% of them regret their choice. Blindly looking for a job is like looking for a needle in a haystack, it's called luck to find the right one for you, but luck won't always favor you.


If you leave your platform, your ability will be greatly reduced

Every career is dependent on a specific organizational platform or market environment. Platforms are really important, and individual efforts on a good platform can end up completely different from an average or lesser platform.

Just as it may take you more than an hour to get to a destination on two legs alone, it may take you 20 minutes to get there by bike, while by car it may not take you 10 minutes to get there, the same effort, with different platforms and vehicles, can be achieved with half the effort.

A good platform can bring a lot of benefits to a person, for example, if you are a programmer, and is a big factory like Ali, or Tencent, then writing into the resume is a strong certification of your technical level.

For example, if you are a fresher who has just joined the company but has had a year of internship experience in a well-known foreign company, you will usually have received training from a mature training system and learned good working habits, so that every report you make and every proposal you make will show a clear and concise organization.

When newcomers are still being criticized by the leadership for writing emails, you have already shown yourself to be a reliable and professional person, so if there are any good opportunities in the team, will the leadership give you priority? Once you have taken advantage of such an opportunity, your career start will be on a new level.


When you enter the workplace, you need to be more focused to improve yourself

As Mr. Hong Xiangyang said in "10 Days to a Good Future", the essence of the workplace is a process of value exchange, and only by being professional can you have status.

And Kenichi Ohmae, the father of Japanese strategy, also made this point in Professionalism: "What makes you a winner? In the future, it is the competition between individuals that will move the world's momentum. Will you be able to dominate the world stage and forge core competencies that cannot be surpassed by others? The only thing you can rely on is your profession."

Especially in the face of a workplace environment like the current one, where many industries are affected by the epidemic and many people are suffering from unemployment, if you want to stay away from unemployment, you might as well make yourself a professional, with a diamond, you will naturally become the meat and potatoes.

For companies, talent is easy to get, but professionals are hard to find. As Jack Ma said, spending high salaries to hire professionals is to save costs, and professionals are a scarce resource at all times.

Careers are about upward development, to be professional, you can't treat your work as a routine, but with an attitude of research, while studying and learning, while summarising and reflecting, to purposefully improve your abilities, and to create greater value.

Many people have been stuck in their comfort zone after entering the workplace for some time, however, to be professional we have to break through ourselves, make the study zone also part of the expanded comfort zone, find pleasure in it, and keep improving and always remain competitive.

There is a phenomenon in physics that when it snows it is not the coldest, when it melts it is colder. The epidemic will pass, but the effects will still be ongoing, and personal development faces the choice of a fork in the road at this time, what you want to depend on what you do now.

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