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The Woman With Daddy Issues

A clarification of the misled view of what it means for a woman to be without a father figure or with a bad one.

By Jade LauerPublished 6 years ago 8 min read
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There is this societal view of women with daddy issues that is completely out of context. She is seen as being a lost cause in the dating regime, the kind of woman who is going to be crazy, emotionally overloaded and just really hard to deal with for men. However, like most "issues" they are not an issue at all and these women are actually some of the best and strongest women you will ever interact with. Of course, not every woman is the same but here is a list to open up some minds to the women who have dad issues.

1.) She Had A Single Mom

When it comes to her life as an adult she is going to be very independent. She had to grow up fast. She did not get spoiled or have many people, including her mom, around to teach her how to be her. So she is really just her and is going to be very raw and different, but not in a bad way. She also had to watch a woman work really hard to survive and provide.

2.) Is Not Reliant On A Man Taking Care Of Her

No she didn't have father around when she was young. She may have had a step father at some point or a grandfather figure to step up, but this doesn't mean it was a good relationship. She may have gotten abused in some way. These things are hard on any child. Yet it makes them a much stronger human being. So when it comes down to it she never had to rely on a man to make life better for her. In fact she grew up knowing what men could be. So she is going to know what kind of man is a bad man and what kind of man is a good man when she sees it.

3.) Knows What She Wants

If she chooses to be with you and stays with you, it means that you are a really great man compared to most of the men she has met. It also means that if you're not, you will know so you can improve or she will just leave that situation because she knows what is right for her. She makes life decisions so there is no guessing what she wants you to do, or where you two should go and eat. She will be very vocal and you don't have to play a guessing game with her.

4.) Lays It All Out

Again she knows what people think of her, so she will lay all the bad on the table right away. She is not here to play games and if you play games with her, well good luck. She's already very aware of all the games out there. She has had to learn the hard way what men will do. She also knows if she is not ready to be with a partner and will not string them along.

5.) Will Do Everything To Fix What's Wrong

Fighting is her least favorite thing to do. She doesn't want the person she cares about to be upset. When she cares she cares and she will do everything she can to mend something when she really cares about someone but she also has her limits. She doesn't like giving up but if she has to she will.

6.) Has Limits

If she knows that she is being mistreated, she is not going to stick around. That means that she is not going to have a boyfriend who is going to force her or beat her. She will be strong too so if you are an abusive partner she will fight back and leave you. If you are controlling she will leave you and she will not care that she did. She will be very happy that she left and got away.

7.) She Is The Girl That Got Away

Being the girl who wasn't enough for her father to exist or who had a father that died has made her the kind of woman who has worked her entire life to be her best. She has worked harder then most women to really fight the odds that are against her. She knows herself and is really trying to be a great partner or at least a great person for herself and those she surronds herself with. So she is going to be loyal, a great cook and a great lover because she took time to really know what she needed to be to be better than the average woman. She listened to every person who told her what they needed because she cared that they got what they needed. Also she had to know more just for her own survival.

8.) Will Fight Her Own Fights

This woman is the kind to fight her own battles. That means if a man slaps her butt, she will walk up to them and tell them how disrespectful and desperate of a man they are. Even if they are an old man or some macho looking dude. She will not be disrespected.

9.) Has Had To Struggle

Being a child without that team dynamic has caused her to see the struggles of dealing with life alone. She probably has dealt with more than just her father not being around. She had to stumble around before she could just be better. So she has had to deal with some harsh things in her life which means that she is not some weak person but rather a warrior who has overcome hardships and has really had to work her way up to build. This means that if you are her partner and life gets hard, it will be easy to deal with, with her on your side.

10.) Fun And Easy Going

This woman has had to make life happy for herself and others at some point or another. If things are going right she will be the kind of person to indulge in the good moments of life, making sure to go the extra mile to make life extra thrilling and well lived. She wants to explore, she wants to try new things and she isn't afraid to change her life if it means that she learned something new or got to do something she always wanted to do. She wants to have a good time not a bad time so she will do anything to get away from the drama. She will deal with it or completely leave it. But she will do it quick and effectively just so she can get on with feeling happy.

11.) She Will Make You The Man You Wanted To Be And More

A great man comes with a great woman is no far fetched thing. A man who wants to be better is not afraid to take on what his woman tells him he should do. He values her as a person, he sees how strong she is and knows that he wants that in his life because he knows that she can really help him when he can't be strong all the time. Just like he has to be for her from time to time. Again she is vocal so she will tell you her observations and ideas on improvement. She will make life exciting and adventurous so your lives are never dull. She goes the extra mile to show you she cares because she wants to keep you in her life. You can tell she feels guilty and hurt if she hurts you. She does not want to do you wrong and does not want to be wronged. Listening is her best skill, she will listen to you to a point you never thought possible and will push you towards your dreams and things that will make you happy even if your scared to do them. Her encouragement will force you to feel like you will be okay even in hard situations.

12.) There For Her Enemies

Even when you're her enemy, if you ask for help she usually will help you. She'll give you real advice that may be unappreciated because it's very honest, but she will always try and do what's right because of her capability to empathize with hardships.

13.) This Is The Woman Who Will Hold Your Hand When You Are Dying

She will take care of you no matter what. Again she is strong and when she loves, she loves fiercly and she will always do what you need her to do. That means even when you are sick she will ease your pain, feel your pain and empathize with you. When you are scared she will be the one holding your hand and letting you know that you will always be okay because she is there and you're not alone.

14.) This Is The Woman Who May End Up Alone But Is Happy

She loves big so she will have people to love even if they are just friends or family. No she does not need a man. She may choose one, which says a lot about that man. But she also may choose herself and want to be her own person. She does not like the whole mans world ego and will always prove that she is one hell of a woman who stands her ground and is very equal to a man.

15.) Doesn't Just Settle

Life always changes and she knows this and lives by it. She will not just go with something unless she for sure knows it is what she wants but she also leaves if it becomes wrong. A realist to the factors that evolve a human. Goes big but will find what she needs along the way.


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