The VERY Hidden Benefits of Social Distancing

by Lydia Catherine 5 days ago in advice

We're all focusing on what's most important, and that's kind of beautiful.

The VERY Hidden Benefits of Social Distancing

Welcome to quarantine season. Compliance is high, everyone's stuck in side, there's a shortage of toilet paper, and everyone's forced to spend time with themsevles!

I'm realizing a lot of things during my own personal isolation, and I thought sharing them with everyone might be a good way to spread a little bit of positivity in this time of crisis. Let's look on the bright side together!

1. We're all banning together as a community

Collective, community-minded thinking has become the norm. We're all watching the news, waiting for updates, and working together to ensure the safety of everyone in our areas and, by extent, the rest of the world. The fact that the 'odd person out' is the person who has to go outside is proof of this.

Personally, I've never been one to watch the news before this, or follow politics, but I can't seem to help myself now. I, like many people I know, are so worried about what's going on in areas that we have no control over. I find myself paying attention to what's happening to humanity as a whole, versus only watching for events and news in my own immediate community.

2. We're spending more time with the ones that we love

Yes, we're stuck at home with our families.

But how beautiful is that.

Just how long has it been since you and your family were able to really spend time together. Now we get the opportunity to have family nights every single night, playing board games, cooking dinner, watching movies, or even doing puzzles! We should not be taking this time for granted, and using it to strength our relationships.

I've spent more time with my family in the last two weeks than I have in the last two years. We're stronger than ever, and working together to make fun activities and things to do to pass the time together. I can't say that I'm not grateful for that.

3. We're reaching out

to friends and family we wouldn't otherwise talk to

Like many friends of mine, I've been taking this time to check up on people that I haven't actually talked to in SO long. Even just by sending them a quick message to say hello and ask how they're doing, I've made so many plans to reconnect with them and their families when this is all over.

We're literally strengthening the ties we have with our friends and loved ones because of a pandemic. That's an insane way to think, but spreading hope and love is always a great way to combat stress and isolation.

I would challenge all of my readers to send 5 messages a day to friends and family members just to say hello. You'll see the benefits I'm talking about!

4. We're CARING about the rest of the world and those around us

I'm still astounded at the compliance to self-isolating in my area. It's really beautiful to see my entire community come together to stay inside their homes for the benefit of everyone else.

It feels like for once, we're caring about other people before ourselves. We're making conscious decisions to do something that's really difficult for a lot of us (staying inside in isolation), for the benefit of someone else. The sacrifices that we're making are quite selfless in nature, and quite frankly, it's a remarkable thing.

I'm finding so many photos online of my barren local highways and city centers, shopping malls and offices. It's a ghost town out there, and I didn't think this kind of action was possible from my community.

5. We're supporting those who can't support themselves

The local food banks, social support services, and community involvement programs are receiving so much love. I see so many people that I know make donations of food or money just because they have a little bit extra. It's almost like we're now discovering how to help other people, and that we should be supporting those who are struggling.

6. We're discovering our hidden talents and learning new things

I have a friend that's learning how to sew, one that's finally getting to play her piano, one that's learning guitar, one that's teaching herself how to sketch, one practicing baking, and other learning how to grow her own food.

We finally have the time available to follow our passions and learn a new skill, or enhance our existing hobbies.

7. We're all preparing for our futures

This has been a great time to take a step back and assess our career paths, aspirations and dreams for the future. People are making plans to go back to school, to change their fields, to get that promotion when they go back to work or to try something new.


As a final note, I am just as terrified as anyone else about what's going on in our world today, but I hope that by spreading a little bit of happiness and positivity, it'll help those who are really feeling the 'isolation' to smile a little bit more. We have to band together at this time, and support those who are having a rough time with isolating. Compliance is key at this time!

Send a funny photo or video, send 'good morning' messages to those you love, or create a piece of art for someone else. Small gestures can go a long way!

Spread the happy - we can all do this TOGETHER.


Lydia Catherine
Lydia Catherine
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