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The Types of Men that Won't Date Single Mothers

Because It Happens

By Eve TawfickPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
That cute face he makes when you tell him you have kids ...

When you are dating, you have a set list of preferences in your head. It could be "tall" "nice career" "non smoker." However, we sometimes meet someone who doesn't fit the mould and somehow we find ourselves attracted to them, despite our "checklist."

That is often the case with single mothers, a lot of men "in theory" have decided against the idea. But when they get to discover that we aren't just dribble wiping machines and that we are in fact real life human women, men can change their minds.

Despite a biological hardwiring that determines that the male kind are not exactly partial to nurturing the product of another man's testes, men DO marry single mothers. Besides, since history began fertility has been celebrated all over the world as a desirable trait.

Alas, despite history, despite everything, there are still some men that just won't even consider a single mother. You may have met one of them, you may have even dated one of them.

It's easy to feel annoyed at a man who refuses to date you because you have children and you will feel the strong urge to defend yourself. However, you can't have it all and more often than not closed minded individuals are not that desirable anyway. If someone truly wants you it doesn't matter if you have no legs, they will still find a way to be with you. If a man is honest from the start and removes himself from your life, you can be grateful that it didn't go any further and you avoided a lot of pain. Here's a list of the types of men that don't go for single mothers so you can identify them in the wild. 🌴🙊

1. "I'm too good for a single mum."

This guy most likely spends his days in his pants on Reddit. I wouldn't worry about him, he probably has fleas and makes sweet love to his Fleshlight.

2. The "I'm too good for a single mum version 2.0."

This guy is usually successful and quite attractive. Due to pre-conceived notions he genuinely believes he is too good for a single mother. Pray these men somehow end up single fathers.

3. The "I want to start my family from scratch."

This one is understandable, that's just how some people have their life planned. Consider it his loss and let him go with love.

4. The "I don't like kids."

Hey, where are you going? Come back! I don't like kids either!

5. The "See how it goes, I might change my mind" TOXIC.

RUN (Hint: he won't change his mind, he's a time wasting loser).

*No really even if he says, "If anyone could make me change my mind it's you," RUN.

6. The "I don't mind that you have kids."

He says he doesn't mind but once you drop the kids bomb on him he's nowhere to be seen. Even the FBI can't find him. Resist the urge to text.

7. Players

This is the saving grace of single motherhood, players looking for something quick and easy with avoid you like the plague. There's nothing easy about dealing with little Timothy while you are trying to get laid.

8. The "My mum was a single mum so I know what it's like."

This guy has issues he needs to sort out, especially if he is comparing his date to his mother. Be understanding of him, it's innocent and likely the most genuine. May reappear, by which point you will have moved on.

9. Judgemental Men

Much like number 1 and 2 except they think they are too good for everything. Even Fleshlights.

10. Deeply Religious Men

Leave him with God (unless you want to try and convince him that the conception was immaculate).

11. Men who don't actually like you will also use all of the above as an excuse. 🐖

*NB if you don't know what a Fleshlight is, please Google.


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  • Alf Jones4 months ago

    The Types of men that won't date single mothers? All men. Only simps and soyboys will date a single mother. Because They are weak and stupid. Women with children are a burden. She can put the nonbiological father on child support for a child that is not even his. He has to deal with the baby's father (assuming he is still around, unlike your situation :). Can't travel at whim and caprice when a woman has a child ball and chaining her. Every man wants to leave behind his own legacy, not build from the ashes a ruin city. Single mothers put their child first, women who have no children put their men first: even an idiot can see what is the better deal. Single mothers have curfews, need to be home early. Women tend to carry emotional damage badly, so this means they punish other men for their bad decisions, they make a good man pay for the trauma he is not responsible for. You have hit the wall and now you are bitter. Oh well, you made your decisions. Grow up and handle them like an adult and stop writing sophomoric, jejune articles about it. Instead of complaining like an entitled slattern writing nonsensical articles you should focus on raising your child. I pray to God he is not a boy, because he will be destroyed if he doesn't break away from your jaded, bitter, self-hating doctrines . You are a bitter termagent who will spend her wretched, abject days with your cats hissing at her every time you need warmth and affection from them. No man will ever want you except Jesus, maybe join a convent and be happy. You had your chance and it is over. Men will never date a single mother, but they will sleep with you. Which we all know you fell for number 5 too many times, that is why you wrote this crap article. Single mothers are not a prize, they are trash trying to recycle itself. Not damaged goods, but well damaged. Men don't want this, we want only the best, not what has been already been passed around to the rest. Go ahead and delete this comment , I know you Will! Toodles! Hahaha here is something funny, single fathers can still find a beautiful young wife with no kids by going abroad but you can't even find a half decent guy to tolerate your used urinal! Hahaha

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