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The Top 3 Celebrity Matchmakers in Hollywood

Looking for a celebrity matchmaker? Here is the list of the top 3 celebrity matchmakers in Hollywood. These famous matchmakers work with celebrities who are looking for love.

By TrendingModelsPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read
Top 3 Celebrity Matchmakers

Celebrities in Hollywood can’t find love using a popular dating app and or join a dating site. They need privacy and that’s why they seek out the services of professional matchmakers to find love. Celebrities in Hollywood turn to celebrity matchmakers who provide them with private introductions to meet high caliber singles who are serious about dating and finding love. Matchmakers understand that celebrities are busy and cater to their demanding schedules.

On their quest for love, many celebrities will turn to these 3 popular celebrity matchmakers who have become the top 3 in the industry. The 3 matchmakers listed below have become the go-to matchmakers for some of the most well-known celebrities in Hollywood. The list is not by order or by popularity, but the 3 matchmakers listed below are the most sought-after matchmakers in the industry.

Patti Stanger

Photo of Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger needs no introduction. Patti is one of the most popular celebrity matchmakers in Hollywood and around the world. Everyone who watches TV knows who she is and why she is so popular. She is the main star of one of the most popular TV shows, Million Dollar Matchmaker. She is the owner of the company, Millionaire Club – a high-end matchmaking service where the most elite singles turn to find love.

Patti has been responsible for many of the couples we see walking around in Hollywood today. Her services are exclusively for those who are looking for a boutique style matchmaking service that delivers results.

Patti’s company has been helping singles find love since 2000 and she is a pioneer in the matchmaking industry.

Alessandra Conti

Photo of Alessandra Conti

Alessandra is one of the most well-known and respected celebrity matchmakers in the nation. She is the owner of the company Matchmakers in The City. Her matchmaking firm is located in Beverly Hills where she works with some of the most elite singles in the area.

Alessandra was a matchmaker behind 2 seasons of MTV’s, Are You The One, and is regularly featured on CBS’s Face the Truth. She is very popular in the industry and respected in the dating world.

Millionaires, hedge funds, celebrities and many more upscale singles turn to Alessandra on the quest to finding love. Alessandra has been featured on countless of magazines and online publications and she is one of the most trusted matchmakers in the industry. She specializes in high-profile clients and has been a personal matchmaker to A-list celebrities in Hollywood.

George Cervantes

Photo of George Cervantes

George is a celebrity matchmaker in Los Angeles and the owner of the company Celebrity Matchmakers. George has been a celebrity matchmaker for over 12 years and is also the owner of multiple matchmaking services in the nation. He also owns a very successful matchmaking service in NYC – Luxury Introductions.

George has been featured on many magazines and online publications and is known in the matchmaking world for being “The Pretty Boy” of the matchmaking industry. George’s company Celebrity Matchmakers provides services to singles of all ages who are looking for love. He is based in Los Angeles and is a very successful and well-liked matchmaker.

The 3 matchmakers listed above are the most popular celebrity matchmakers in the nation. They are all respected and trusted by celebrities and singles who are looking for love.

If you are a celebrity who is looking for love, then you need to check out one of the top 3 celebrity matchmakers. Finding love is simple when you outsource your dating life to a matchmaker who understands the challenges you face as a celebrity looking for love.

All of the top 3 matchmakers on this list will without a doubt help you achieve your goals of finding love.

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