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By Novel AllenPublished 3 years ago 9 min read

Is there a guy so perfect..ish that he gets everything right


Well, almost everything, nobody is perfect.

Unexpected interactions,

Mutual attractions.

He was tall, dark and....chocolate, and annoying,

Greying at the temples.

Cause you know, we ain't that young

Well dressed and oh! so full of dripping knowledge....about wine.

I had just arrived for the tour of the wine tasting, I was still trying to find my favorite red wine.

I need to have my relaxing evening with a perfect glass of Merlot.

There he was, standing on a raised platform explaining to everyone , which was mainly a bunch of women , about Merlot. How ironic.

So obviously enjoying the attention of all these young attractive women who clearly did not eat. So thin and wonderfully willowy.

'Kinda' making you feel your years a little bit.

"It is French", he said, "It comes from 'Merle', which means 'blackbird'' he said, the color of the merle is the inspiration for the name of the grape", he said.

I thought "he seems a little pompous".

I was standing a little way off, half looking, listening.

He glanced over the crowd. Our eyes met.

He smiled.

My heart skipped a beat, I made a hasty retreat.

Forgetting the whole episode, I wandered around musing over the rather large array of of wine that was being offered for tasting after the tour.

To my chagrin, there he was materializing like a ghost out of thin air beside me.

"Hello, I take it you thought I was a bit much back there, I could see it all over your face". That smile, so infectious.

I smiled 'good guess', I thought.

He offered his hand, "I know etiquette decrees that you should offer me your hand first, but we are dispensing with formality, after all we are drinking buddies by now".

I noticed he was wearing his mask now, as was I, being so close to one another. Everyone was adhering to the rules even though all had been vaccinated, caution was still the order of the day.

We both laughed and pretended to shake hands. Still cautious.

I mumbled something about meeting a friend and practically ran away.

I was not looking for romance, those days were behind me, or so I thought.

But the darned cars were parked bumper to bumper and I could not escape.

The obnoxious brute stood there smiling. Then, walking over with a puzzled look asked, "Did I do something to offend you, if so, please allow me to apologize".

I sighed. "Oh no", I replied, "I'm just a little bit flustered, this is all so unexpected".

"Well, unless you can fly, you are not getting out of this parking lot anytime soon". He laughed. Such a pleasant sound and his eyes twinkled, I saw mischief there and I knew I was in trouble.

A man with a sense of humor, good manners, and the looks to match.

"I'm afraid you are not going anywhere until the event is over. The others have already left for the sightseeing. I shall take you on a personalized tour if you will allow me".

I was trapped, nowhere to go but wine and who knows.

"I would really like to see where this all begins", I said eagerly. "It is all so exciting".

I didn't understand why this man who could have his pick of any of the many leggy attractive, clearly younger ladies all over the place, and so obviously open to promise, should be focusing on me, a little dumpling of a woman (I read that somewhere) and it aptly describes me.

"I'm Taneko Oluwa by the way, my parents are African but I was born in this country, just saving you some questions that beg the asking".

Smiling, I told him I was Anita Goodwin, born in Jamaica, but living in this country.

It seemed the arbors stretched for miles. The others were way ahead, I could hear the happy chatter.

I listened with interest as he explained about grapes and wine making.

"Because we are in the Northern area we harvest our grapes between August and October. Go ahead and pick and sample as many as you like".

"We can tell by the taste if they are ready", he said.

I took his advice, the grapes were delicious.

We walked for a while just sharing personal experiences, before we realized it, we had bared our souls to each other.

Were we kindred spirits. So comfortable with one another.

Everyone else had returned for the wine tasting. We had walked for maybe two hours, time flies when you are having fun. On our return, we took a quick visit to the production area and winery.

He advised that we grab a bite before the tasting. 'Not advisable on an empty stomach', he grinned.

We finally went in to sample the wide array of wines, and he suggested we start with the lighter wines, then richer whites before getting to the red wine.

"Oh, and as inelegant as it may seem, utilize the spitting bucket. we do not want you drunk this evening".

"I assume you did some research before coming here. Do you have any favorites"?, he asked.

"I'm afraid I am a wine neophyte" I replied. "I am here in search of a perfect Merlot".

"Interesting", he said, referencing his earlier talk of Merlot. I smiled.

He excused himself and went and got us water, "so we don't get dehydrated".

We stayed a while longer, sipping, swooshing and spitting. Kind of funny thing to do.

I was a tad tipsy by then.

People began leaving so I was now able to make the drive back to my hotel.

That was when he headed for, I don't believe it, his Harley-Davidson, a huge monster of a thing.

"Why don't you hop on he invited, I will take you home, I can have your car delivered tomorrow".

"So we could have left hours ago on this thing, really now". I smiled.

"That would have been rude, we didn't know each other then, we do now", he said with that impish grin on his face.

The cheek of the man.

I actually love motorbikes. I didn't complain. Luckily I was wearing jeans.

As it turns out, he is part owner of the Vineyard, and is a widower with two grown children and one teenager.

I am not a widow, but I am a single parent of one.

Sounded like a match made in Heaven, right.

Before we left, he introduced me to the other partners of which his mother

was one, so they would know where he was he said.

That was terrifying.

My hotel was close by, he dropped me off with the firm order to be ready in one hour. We have our first date tonight. 'Expect surprises, and by the way, I don't think you can ever look more beautiful than you do today'.

The day just kept getting better.

After seeing me safe inside, he waved and sped away.

A woman with an hour to be ready for a date.

Very challenging.

Exactly one hour later there was a knock at the door. A member of the hotel staff was standing there with an elegant basket with a single red rose in a dainty vase surrounded by, obviously very expensive chocolate.

"Good evening ma'am", she said politely, "a gentleman waiting downstairs sent these up".

I offered a tip, she declined, smiling, "the gentleman was very generous".

I thanked her with a smile of sheer pleasure.

One red rose. Love at first sight. Interesting.

I took the elevator down and there he was, a picture of well dressed masculinity.

I caught my breath.

No tie, shirt open at the neck, dark suited and, BE STILL MY HEART.

We decided to dispense with masks for the remainder of the evening.

He offered his arm and as we went outside he whispered,

"I was wrong earlier, you get more beautiful with every minute".

I was wearing a matching three piece light grey set with lace cardigan over long chiffon pants with extra flow in the back, I felt absolutely elegant and giddy headed.

There was a gentle breeze , the evening had gotten much cooler.

No motorbikes this time, we walked to a sleek black automobile waiting at the door, he saw me seated, got in and we were on our way to hope and promise.

I did not ask where we were going. I instinctively trusted this man. First date or not.

We were silent during the drive, just savoring each other's company.

"I'm intrigued by the fact that you have not asked where we are going, most women would have done so by now. You are a fascinating woman. Trust is a virtue I value. I've known you a long time, three, four hours", he said with a quirky smile, "so I know you are not a foolish woman, we are going to have a splendid evening".

My mind was still saying the best of men can be something they are not, but by the grace of God let this be good for me. I am human, after all.

We drove to a really upscale neighborhood, not too pretentious ,with elegant architecture and well kept lawns. The tree lined avenue was abloom with colors and you could smell the aroma of roses with various other floral scents mixed in.

The houses were far apart, each house had a great deal of land space.

It was a really nice summer evening and the windows were down, even nature was being kind this evening.

"I took the liberty of preparing our evening as a romantic escape for two by the deck slash pier, then we can sail a little afterwards. There is a small lake at the house".

Did he say sailing?.

"My daughter is entertaining some school friends and are around here somewhere. Teenagers you know, enjoying their youth, with a chaperone of course. But, you and I have this space entirely to ourselves this evening".

The house was beautiful. I am not big on architectural styles, but I would say some modern and contemporary was mixed in, but also had a sobering effect.

I must admit, I was a little speechless, this was moving really fast. My heart was pounding.

"Your home is beautiful", I said.

"Thank you, I had the original design tweaked a little bit when I bought it. I'm glad you like it."

He parked in front of the house and we entered through a beautifully designed alcove into a luxurious garden with an explosion of colors. Roses, marigold, tulip and much more. There was a slight flowery smell in the air.

Two small alluringly decorated tables were waiting for us.

One had bottles of wine and wine glasses attractively laid out.

If I do not find my favorite red wine here, I would be amazed.

The other, a feast fit for a queen. Delicate cheeses and pastries,

appetizers, desserts and tiny main courses, among other inviting dishes.

"We are free to start and end wherever we please". He said this with a smile and a gesture towards the tables.

We ate, drank wine and lost ourselves in the promise of what dreams are made of.

We toasted new beginnings with my favorite glass of Merlot.

Of course I would have to save my salary for six months to buy it.

We went sailing afterwards, in the moonlight.

Tomorrow awaits.

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