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The Rainy Week-End

by Sherry jackson about a year ago in dating
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Love at First Sight

The Rainy-Week-End!!

A strong gust of winds slam against her as she came from the book store. A flash of lightening darted across the sky, followed by the deep rumbling sound of thunder, She looked up at the sky with rolling dark clouds.

She pulls her trench coat tighter around her and adjusted the mask on her face. Then suddenly large rain drops began to splash down on the pavement leaving their footprint. Soon the pavement is wet and slippery.  She stands at the light waiting for it to change in the now pouring rain. She takes her purse and holds it over her head and wonders why she didn’t check the weather before she left. When the street light turned green, she rushing to find shelter slips and falls. The light changes and she is trying to get up when she sees a red sport car coming with full speed straight toward her.  She closes her eyes imagining the worst for there was no way the car could miss her. She heard the sound of the brakes trying to stop and then there was silence. She opened her eyes to see that the car stopped inches away from her.  

The driver she would say close to his middle age handsome and well built, gets out of the car and she notices that he looks like the stranger that kept staring at her when she was in the book store.

She could see him standing over her with his hand reaching out to her. To her surprise She didn’t hesitate to accept and puts her hand in his. He helps her up and she leans on him for support. Cars are driving by them while the rain ceaselessly drenched them and has now made a small river of flowing water run swiftly down the street.

He looks into her eyes and she seem to drown in the deep blue and the world stops and everything seem to change into slow motion

Are you alright?

The sound of his gentle voice sof kyol tly echoed in her ears.

She replied almost in a whisper, yes—yes, I’m fine.


The wind is now tearing at her clothes and the rain is beginning to get more intense.


What do you say to us getting out of the rain at that cafe across the street— just until this storm blows over?

Her eyes follows his eyes in the direction to where he is looking and the view of a cafe with yellow umbrellas rest above table on a patio.

She nodded her head and he helped her get across the street. She waited until he parked his car and then he grabbed her hand and they raced though the patio of yellow umbrellas and inside the stain glass door.

They are sitting there and there is an uncomfortable silence between them.  The rain starts ts to pour down 

The café is empty except for a couple at a table deeply in conversation.  There are several tables and the waiter takes them to the one in the corner next to the floor to floor pane window.  They sat opposite each other at a small table. There is a magical attraction vibrating between them. She looks out of the window. An older man with a belly is rushing by with a newspaper over his head with a frown on his face.  A couple in jeans are running to their car with his trench coat over their head.  When they reach the car they stop and kiss before getting in it. Patricia turns around and sees that the stranger is staring intensely at her.k The waiter comes over

Are you ready to order? The waiter asked.

Yes- I’m having wine- and you?

He looks at her.

Yes- wine would be ——perfect!

The waiter nods his head and walks away.

 They both began to say something at the same time. They stop and try it again and they still talked at the same time. He said, you go ahead. She smiled at him. No. You go.

They stared again and at the same time. They both laughed.

Michael rushing said, what is your name?

She looked turned her emerald eyes , looking deep into his - almost in a whisper and answered, Patricia.

Nice to meet you, my name is Michael.

They both still had there mask on due to the restriction due to the virus and sitting a good distance apart .

He said, I think I have meet you somewhere before. Do you live around here?

She answered him speaking slowly.No, I’m here just visiting. What about you?

Let’s just say, I’m here on some unfinished business. He looks at her without smiling.

The waiter comes with Merlot wine, what he and she had order.

They sipped the wine.

There is nothing like good friends and good wine.

She sipped the wine.

This is so mellow and rich!

She returned his smile.

She suddenly just from the first sips mellow feeling coming over — this wine was really good.

The sound of the rain grew louder as it tripled in its down pour.

Patricia looks out of the window splashing against it, as a sudden flash of lightening lit the room, and the lights began to flicker.

They both reached for the chips the waiter had brought to the table at the same.

There hands touched. A thrilling feeling overtook all her senses and he must have felt it also for he talk hold of her hand and did not let go looking deeply into her eyes?Do you believe in fate?

I feel that way only when things go wrong.

And when they go beautifully?

 She pulled her hand away from his. and rose in a jerky movement and almost lost her balance but before she could, he grabbed her arm so she could recoverI had better be getting You can’t go out in this weather.  Let me take you where you have to go.

She looks at the trees bending from the gusty winds though the rain streaked window and

Yes, I

You didn’t say the Inn.   That wouldn’t be The Old

Why yes.  

Isn’t that ironic because that is where I’m staying also .




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