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The One Trait of Naturally Happy and Likable People

by James Ssekamatte 2 months ago in humanity
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A simple realization that you can make part of your life in varying degrees.

The One Trait of Naturally Happy and Likable People
Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

It seems that the general tendency of being human is to find preference in our own individual identities. Few question conflicting perspectives as most cling to wishful absolutes.

Maybe you are a person who thinks that your gender is superior. You believe that because it makes you feel good about yourself. Or maybe you are a person of low will, seeking to please those you admire to the extent that you are willing to accept your identity as being beneath them.

And I think there is a place for admiration and adoration for those that have entranced us with the nature of their being. These can share our identity, in which case it would help in boosting our self-worth, or they might be different from us in terms of gender, race, and so on in which case it would help us move one step forward into becoming more empathetic beings.

We can put them on pedestals as we devalue those we consider less than ideal. I don’t know what use that can be for your social wellbeing but it doesn’t change the fact that being is being.

“Being is Being is Being is Being…”

On a macro scale, Being exists on dual identities (a simple understanding that can help us make sense of our identities) but those duals find duality within each unit of the pair to an infinite degree. Think of those sacred geometric patterns that are infinite. They are not just embedded in the DNA of every being, but they speak to how we exist and co-exist with each other.

Look at any fractal pattern, you know that no part of the pattern can exist outside of the mathematical parameters that compute the whole. No part of the pattern gets any special treatment, only variables that are iterated the same way to come up with such beautiful forms.

Zoom the fractal out and you will have exactly the same shape as if you were zoomed into the “smallest” part of the shape.

The nature of our being is made that way. Even though we are much more complex than any single fractal, our existence is not dissimilar.

I’d argue that fractals are not just exhibitions of beauty and the talent of the supreme divine. They do serve a more sophisticated and unimaginably efficient way of managing the nature of being through energy.

Each part has a significant role that cannot be substituted with even the minutest alteration. They are what they are because each part plays its role in the maintenance of the whole. The whole would fail, if just one bit of the pattern was altered, however slightly.

Being human is just the same, although, to much more complex levels.

We see our individuality and think that this is all we ever are. Reveling in our individuality, we take for granted the aspects of being that aid our very existence.

Maybe you think that someone is beneath you, and that’s because there is equally another (whether that other shares your identity or not) who you think is better. You might even affirm your superiority over everybody, but that doesn’t make it so.

If the latter were the case, you might simply be less than you think you are, but you are still not less than anybody else. You’re just a contrasting experience aiding in the whole of life’s unfoldment, your role being unimaginably significant and yet simultaneously and equally insignificant in the progression of the whole.

You might think that since you can give birth to a human, therefore your gender is above that which can’t. Maybe you think that your sperm is alive because it swims to the egg and uses that as a stand to assert your dominance over the gender with eggs.

How foolish both cases would be. You have to realize that our own mode of reproduction through sex is just one of the ways, and by the way, it is the most inefficient of them all (if we are to pick favorites) but there is a reason that it’s still part of life’s unfoldment.

To think that you can stop life’s progression by choosing not to give birth or shed your semen down the drain would be a significant feat as far as you are concerned. But the insignificance of your actions won’t mean that life will stop because you did.

Even if you stopped but life still needed ways to bring beings into existence, it will create more ways of reproduction which would be invented even in our limited understanding of science.

To assert your superiority over another because of your role in reproduction is useless because that’s not all you are good for. You can choose not to have children (this is part of your free will) and you can focus on developing other aspects of your being in relation to others instead of tearing them down.

The identities you call your very own will mean nothing to you in a few years. Dead you will be to the corporeal structure in which you currently dwell to tear apart other aspects of being.

Sure, many people will not look like you, I even don’t know whether you can like everybody, but that doesn’t mean it is wise to spend your one life tearing down people to make yourself feel good about yourself.

You do not need to be superior nor do you need to assert your superiority to achieve what you want from life. It is a wasteful use of your infinite energy that only stains your energetic print with useless energies of negativity that will cause you bitterness and ill health.

There is so much benefit to be found on the journey of integration. One that holds people accountable while also realizing the miracles that we all are.

Through this, you can operate in ways that make you more likable among those with whom you cross paths while also leaving you truly happy about your role in the world.

Fighting for superiority makes it not only useless to believe half-truths that don’t serve you but it also makes you less likable, and the tension you build between you and those you consider less than you or above you makes you more unhappy with yourself and the world in which you live.

Realizing that everyone plays an important role in your existence is hard. This is an ideal that we all achieve to a certain degree and I think it is more meaningful to strive towards that other than traveling down the path of hate and contempt for each other.

You are above nobody,… You are beneath nobody.


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James Ssekamatte

Engineer and artist sharing my perpective with the world.

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