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The Mixed Kid Defense

by Janine Addison 4 years ago in humanity / family

Oh racists, how annoying are thee

The stance of bullshit

I am sure most of you have seen or heard about this woman hurling a racial slur at a Hispanic gentlemen. He had overheard her conversation and suggested she go to another store that might able to help her. She gets defensive and proceeds to tell him to mind his business and that she ain't afraid of no Spic. From the crux of whoever she was talking to, she was quite upset about being in the ghetto. Now I know that racism is alive. I know I am not an idiot to this fact but I find it funny how people are just being freely filmed while being a loathsome human being. These days, the racists seem to think they have a free pass for no longer holding back how they feel. I mean how do you actually function in any country knowing you have to interact with people of different ethnicities?

Well it seems our Snow White has a new story stating that she can't be racist because she has mixed kids.

Please click on the link here for the article about her reasoning. She goes on the say she is married to a Hispanic man and somehow that exonerates her from being a racist.

  1. I do not know what goes on in her home but it makes me wonder what she calls his family when she may be upset with them, as well as their children.
  2. Because you married a Hispanic man does not give you the right to hurl a racial slur at someone you do not know. She may have been upset about the lack of what she could get at that location, but people are so irrational these days that it seems the slightest thing sets them off.
  3. What the hell is the mixed kid defense? All this means is that those children are growing up with a mother that, somewhere deep in the recesses of her mind she doesn't want to talk about, hates them. She basically has put her kids in a place where they could hate her forever.
  4. DO NOT USE YOUR KIDS TO DEFEND YOUR RACISM!!! This is why people just need to own up to their own issues.

Being in mixed race marriage will not change how you feel unless you want it. The sense of entitlement when she comes back with her statement that includes an image with her husband as to why people should forgive her. No amount of lack of inventory at a Sprint store required that amount of lashing out. I don't care how angry she was, her lack of decency is what was missing from the whole situation.

Janine Addison
Janine Addison
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Janine Addison

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