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The Joy of Doing Art

by RH 6 months ago in art
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How To Find The Joy In Doing Art

The Joy of Doing Art
Photo by Didssph on Unsplash

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."

- Pablo Picasso

Art has been a vital part of human civilization since the dawn of man. Cave paintings in France and Spain, sculptures from Ancient Greece and Egypt's Pyramids are just a few examples of early art that have survived through thousands of years. It was used to represent ideas, religious beliefs, and cultural practices. Since then, art has taken on many different forms. From cave paintings to modern

At times, we can feel bored. We are doing the same thing day after day and it is becoming monotonous. What's worse is that we feel there is no way out of our situation. If you find yourself in this kind of rut, I want to encourage you to do something creative! It doesn't matter what it is -- just do something that satisfies your creative side!

I have been wanting to get back into art for a while, but I was never sure how to get started. I read a lot of articles on how to do watercolor, how to paint still life, etc., but it all seemed so difficult. Then I found an article about doing art for fun, and it changed my life.

It turns out that there is no right or wrong way to do art. You don’t need any fancy materials or expensive paints. You can doodle with crayons on the back of your hand, or paint with coffee or food coloring on paper plates.

I picked up a few paintbrushes and a canvas at the local art store, and brought them home. I didn’t have any paintings to hang on my walls, so I decided to paint something for that purpose. A few hours later, I had an abstract painting done on my bedroom wall that looked like a 4-year-old did it with crayons.

It was terrible! But it was the beginning of something bigger , I discovered my passion in art and particularly pouring/flip cup art.

By Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

The flip cup painting technique involves mixing different colors of acrylic paint, before pouring them into a large cup. The canvas or other surface is then placed face down on the cup, and the cup is flipped over so the canvas is upside down. After the cup is lifted, the paint flows out in a puddle. Next, the canvas is tilted to allow the paint to cover the entire surface.

It is very easy that anyone and of every age can try it. Your first painting does not have to be a very successful painting .

The most successful people in the world are the ones who learn from their failures. A lot of people want to be successful but are too afraid to fail. They don’t want to take risks because they fear failure.

By Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

To be truly a successful artist, you have to learn how to fail without taking yourself down in the process.

So do not be afraid to get your hands filled with paint and start expressing your inner self .

Among the many things to do in order to reduce stress, painting is one of the best. It has been proved from time to time that painting can really help you relieve stress and relax. Many people know that by doing some daily exercise, you can reduce your stress level, but there are only a few people who know about the role of painting in relieving stress. I have been able to see this benefit my self .

I hope that this article has helped you learn more about the benefits of painting for relieving stress and discovering your inner artist.

Start doing art Today


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