The Heartbreak

by Liliana Moreno 8 months ago in breakups

Why does this happen to us?

The Heartbreak

Where do I begin with all this lovey-dovey stuff. First of all, many people in life have been through so much lately. One thing that’s very common in society is heartbreak. Why doesn’t this stop? Well, nobody knows why this happens to people. Everybody, mostly everyone, doesn't think about their significant other or that you are going to hurt them. You don’t think ... Think before you act. You need to understand that if you love someone, you’ve got to fight for them. Otherwise, that person will leave you and never come back to you, and you’ll be heartbroken. And it will be all your fault, because you never managed to be with that person. Now you have this guilt in your heart that’s never going to leave you until you do something. But it will be too late for you. Because now you’ve lost the person you loved. That person is gone from your life. So let me tell you a story about the kid that I’ve been in love with for years, but I needed to let go of him.

My life with guys hasn’t been easy. Some just leave me like I’m just a waste of space and some just don’t talk to me anymore. Now, I’m in a better place but tell me, did you ever love me? I mean if you really loved me you wouldn’t have left me alone crying my eyes out! Well you did and now the damage is done. How could you leave me like this. I tried texting you and calling you, but no response. I waited and waited, but not even a text from him went on my phone. So I needed to make a change. I ate ice cream for days because I was hurt and I stared to watch my telenovelas. A couple of weeks later he calls.

He calls and I answer him. At first, my thought was that I shouldn’t have answered him. What if he tries to convince me and what if I go back with him. He just came back for no reason. Don’t you hate it when guys come back just because they broke up with their girlfriend and now they’re trying to get you back because they’re lonely? No! Ladies don’t ever go back to the guy that broke your heart the most. Yes, it’s going to hurt. Some days you’re going to tell yourself, "I miss him, that I need him in my life." Really girls, you don’t need him. You need to stay strong and you need to keep going in life. Learn from my mistakes. Whenever, he called I stood silent. I told him to go away. That I never want to see you again. That I never wanted to talk to him.

He didn’t get hurt. He begged and begged me to go with him. I didn’t want to anymore because he ruined my whole life just by being with me. What I did was tell him many things that I know I would regret, but it was true. The next thing you know he tells me that I hurt him. Well I had to hurt his little heart because I had to pick up my pieces from my broken heart and fix it! That was very hard but I manage to pick up for myself. Some days I would think of what I did. I missed him. I would want to talk to him and say that I love him but clearly I didn’t do it. He hurt me so many times and I kept going back. Ladies you are strong independent and you don’t need a guy, we have each other. We are going to be there no matter what happens. If a guy comes back to you. Don’t let him brainwash you. Show him that you don’t need him anymore in life. BE THE BIGGER PERSON!

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