The Craze

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Single Sex Boarding Schools, and What They Do to You

The Craze

All male or all female boarding schools shape your mind in a certain way. The way you act may be different from your counterparts in mixed schools, all through the years of your boarding school life, and a little bit after. Going to an all-girls school made me experience quite a lot, honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing if I had to turn back the hands of time, because I met my best friend in high school. Yeah, this occurred in high school. As an onlooker the things I saw were just mad. Depriving girls of seeing boys does some weird s*** to the brain. When they do see boys it’s a RAMPAGE, oh... my... goodness, it was so funny watching things unfold, during visiting days.

And my school made things worse by treating us like prisoners, goodness. The classrooms were gated, and so were the hostels, so if parents and the rest of the people visiting came early, they would have to stand outside the gates, making us look like dogs that were about to be released. Oh, so many stories flew around. Who likes who, whose boyfriend is whose, who was eyeing who, how many boys who talked to. I was a good girl, I did none of that, I only looked a bit, if I was told someone was fine or what not. I held my head high, because my brothers... were some of the boys the girls looked at. I was like, “yeah my brother fine, I know, you ain’t gotta tell me.” “He is out of your league though, you small ass kids.” I didn’t really say that, but I thought it.

I was not too “boy crazy” while in high school, one reason being I kinda was more into older guys who were more mature. I wasn’t going to find that with these boys all these girls were chasing around, ha! But also, because I thought it was futile, and I wouldn’t really enjoy dating a boy, because did I mention, it was a boarding school; a missionary one at that. So, phones were not allowed, we didn’t leave the school premises except midterm breaks, and end of term, for me that was too short a time to be seeing anyone, there was just not enough freedom. That is not to say, some girls didn’t break the rules; some people had phones, so people “scaled fences” what we called jumping the fence to go do god knows what. Let me remind you again I was a good girl, so I didn’t do that 🙂.

This boy craze didn’t exactly miss me though, it hit me when I graduated high school. Oh boy, in like a short period of time, I was talking to A, B, C... I dated F, Y, Z, although I didn’t exactly date them the way you properly date someone, they were my “boyfriends.” I hardly even saw these so-called boyfriends, this was all over the phone, BBM days, plus in whose African parents' house 😀 not mine. I just wanted to be talking to a boy all the time, it was not healthy, I did some dumb stuff. But single-sex boarding schools can make you thirsty–if you thought you knew what thirsty was, you didn’t... It's like you craved boys, needed them, they were all you talked about, damn. So is it really wise to send your kids to these kind of schools, I don’t know, I'm still debating it myself, though not everyone turns out this way. I happen to think I was fairly all right, and I hope my kids can be the same or better, but it can turn out to be the opposite. That being said there are other good things about it as well.

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