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The Biggest Reasons Why Dating Advice Is Bad

Unbelievable Dating Advice Men Give Each Other

By NizolePublished about a month ago 8 min read

Do you have any idea why the person you met didn't call? It could not be your fault at all, but rather his friend's terrible counsel. Ten of the worst dating "advice" that guys give to one another have been gathered; yes, we asked them to be really serious.

1. Terrible dating advice from men: Don't contact her for three days.

The fabled Three-Day Rule is something that we've all heard about. Men advise one another to utilize it to avoid seeming desperate. Fortunately, some people aren't paying attention. Jason, 35, adds, "I giggle when folks tell me to do this." "Why would I want to wait three days in case she decides she doesn't want me anymore or meets someone else? I approach a lady right away if I like her."

2. Bad dating advice from men: Have as many affairs with women as you can.

Yes, it's astonishing to learn that men like having sex, but some of them think they need to go completely bonkers increasing their "number" before entering a committed relationship. Before making a commitment, "my dad encouraged me to sleep with as many women as I could to get it out of my system," claims T.L., 28. "The fact is that guys can never really be "out of their system." We will always be drawn to gorgeous ladies as long as we are alive. You only need to decide to stay with the person you love."

3. Horrible dating advice from men: Turn down a lady to seem strong.

According to Mark, 29, "I had a buddy who would dress up, go out, and flirt so that he could decline people as a method to increase his confidence." "In order to practice rejection and boost my confidence, he even urged me to visit a strip club and sit at a bar. It was very bizarre."

4. Terrible dating advice from men: text her to ask her out.

Phone conversations might seem a bit archaic in a world where people communicate through messages and tweets. However, there is something admirable about a guy who takes up the phone and invites you out on a legitimate date. Sadly, not all guys understand it. According to Gim, 35, "a lot of males feel it's OK to text a female to ask her out." I believe that hiding behind a text message makes you seem, at best, cowardly and unpleasant.

5. Poor dating advice from men: Don't compliment women because it makes you seem weak.

According to a common belief among males, the more attractive a woman is, the less she should hear it from you—unless you want to come across as a chump, says Alex, 28. Sincere compliments, according to what I've discovered, are valued by women and often pave the way for obtaining a phone number and a date.

6. Men should avoid giving "She's out of your league" advice while dating.

The more attractive a lady is, the more attention we pay to her and the less accessible she seems, claims Mike, 26. "Sometimes a person may feel like taking a shot, but he will hold back because he believes he has no chance, according to his pals. Friends have genuinely intervened on my behalf to prevent me from making a fool of myself."

7. Poor dating advice from men: Focus more on your physical appearance than your connection.

Most women can appreciate a Ryan Gosling-like figure, but only if it goes along with a romantic relationship that rivals The Notebook. According to Kyle, 25, "a male buddy previously advised me to put more time into working out than concentrating on my relationship." I've learnt from ladies that the heart is the muscle that matters most.

8. Terrible dating advice from men: Just keep it to yourself.

Louis, 30, adds, "My friends and I visited a strip club, and they warned me not to mention we there and my girlfriend would never know." That wasn't very effective. You don't say, the editor says.

Advice about dating that you should never heed

Here are all of the dating advice you should never abide by, from not paying the bill to being a pushover.

Dating is a contemporary minefield that is just waiting to trip you up and blow your head off, if you believe books, gurus, experts, boring blogs, and, worst of all, your nightmare partners. Don't do that, don't say that — it's a miracle we ever swipe right or strike up a conversation with anybody. However, although some dating advice really works (a complete avoidance of politics and don't believe a kiss of the lips or a hand on the knee is a come-on, for example), a lot of it is just lousy advise. I bring to you some tired old cliches that you may throw away right now, battle-wounded and bloodied.

Before contacting, wait at least [random number] days.

The notion that there is some kind of system of propriety for when you should contact someone and that breaking this barrier in some way reflects how you feel about them is maybe the most egregious dating deception ever. Because even the guys who don't give a shit about anyone are aware that in order to sound sincere, you need to wait a few days before calling, the person receiving the call has no way of knowing whether the caller is being sincere or not. In fact, we buy into this idea so much that it can't possibly be trusted. If you're concerned that this person will think less of you for calling so quickly, you should either 1) not call at all since they seem a little dull, or 2) attempt to make a joke or gesture about it. I could have waited three days before calling, but I genuinely like you and it's a foolish rule. Frankly, f**k them if they don't choose this wonderfully beautiful answer. Phone me instead.

Text dumps are insulting.

It's OK if it lasts less than three months. No, I mean it. It will only be more distressing for you both if you do it in person. Just be nice, honest, and transparent. I'd defy anybody who claims otherwise, which would be almost every other dating "expert" on Earth, to explain how dragging someone all the way to a bar and then leaving them or phoning at their home and doing it in their own kitchen is borderline psychopathic. Doing it face-to-face when you've just recently started dating prolongs the pain and turns the situation into more of a drama than it has to be. Additionally, the greatest method to get over someone is to pathologically hate them, and let's just say that after that SMS alert beeps, they won't be your biggest fan. Additionally, you're giving them a fantastic tale to share with their friends.

Everybody enjoys banter.

A little banter, mild negging, hi-laaaar-ious insults, and sparring. Believe me, it's tiring to be on the other side of this. Save it for until you two are a little bit more familiar. Although you have no way of knowing this on the first date, one of you always goes too far, generally when discussing a huge arse, a big nose, or questionable musical choice. I know that some individuals truly appreciate being kept on their toes for three hours straight. However, you have no way of knowing this. Don't. It is a snare.

Receiving praise makes you seem sexist or needy.

Speak out if you think someone is attractive, witty, beautiful, or well-groomed. Not all compliments are corny or unwanted; sometimes we need to hear them. Breasts, a lunchbox, an arse, fascist beliefs, and fortitude in the face of significant hardship are things you shouldn't praise.

The Golden Rule, etc.

Seriously. In the twenty-first century, this will not fly. Whether they're giving it out or stating they favor it as a seduction method, the individuals that propagate this type of hair-pulling, freezing out, and generally having no clue where you stand from one minute to the next shouldn't be dated. Treat everyone with respect; there are specialty clubs for this kind of behavior that are worthwhile to attend. However, someone who desires to be treated with mild disdain by a possible partner for all of time is certainly deserving of spending their evenings waiting for a phone to ring.

Being fashionable is too homosexual or unmanly.

One date in a hundred or a fetish night themed after DH Lawrence could work if you show up wearing a dirty singlet and torn boot cuts, but it is not how you should spend your life. Dress should fit you and as well as you can. An attempt is always valued.

Hard work pays off

Could you possibly be arsed? The problem with difficult-to-get items is that, if you do acquire them, they end up being a letdown, and you either get tired of them fast or feel resentment for the work you expended to get them, like, say, parental approval or a table at a new pop-up. Be worth the wait if you're going to be a sought-after rarity.

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