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The Best Witty Retorts for Flirty Guys and How to Ignore Them

by berry li 2 months ago in single
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Since there have been people on the planet, guys have been using pickup lines on women. Here are some clever responses you can use when a guy tries to pick you up.

The line between fun flirtatiousness and outright annoyance is thin. Unfortunately, some people cannot distinguish between the two, much less accept a hint. Have you ever met a man who believed their pathetic pick-up lines actually worked? Have you ever met someone who welcomed your seductive touch or smoldering gaze? You know how creepy that can be, and we all have. Here are the greatest, brutal, and clever responses to use on a flirtatious guy.

Although telling him to just buzz off might work, some of us choose to add a little comedy to a rejection to help defuse the situation.

And the perfect balance between a scathing rejection and a response to their flirtation would come in the form of a witty comeback.

In the first place, what exactly is a pickup line?

A pickup line is simply a way to start a conversation. The person utilizing it intends to date the subject of their use. It may be a blatant and occasionally lighthearted indication of love interest.

They might be as simple as introducing yourself or asking the other person about their likes or hobbies to more complex ones like asking about their day. Others will attempt to impress the person they are hitting on by using comedy or flattery.

When someone first begins using pickup lines, they should refrain from employing a corny one because, if done incorrectly, it could backfire on them.

But it has never stopped men from doing it throughout history. That’s why it’s so much fun to have some witty comebacks to use on a guy.

The origin of the pickup line

Have you ever wondered why and how guys started using cheesy pickup lines on women? Well, you probably would like to know when you’re trying to figure out a witty comeback to use on a guy.

The origin of the pickup line

Have you ever wondered why and how guys started using cheesy pickup lines on women? Well, you probably would like to know when you’re trying to figure out a witty comeback to use on a guy.

The pickup line originated a ridiculously long time ago – all the way back to the caveman days. Back then, a male would strike his mate on the head rendering her bleeding and unconscious. Then, he would physically pick her up and bring her back to his cave. *WTF, right?*

Okay, we’re 100% not sure if this story is actually true or a figment of someone’s imagination. But it’s funny nonetheless.

In any case, the pickup line has a lengthy history.

Guys have used pickup lines throughout history because they feel competing for a woman's attention with other men. Therefore, they needed to think of something distinctive, interesting, and attention-grabbing to get a woman to give him a chance.

The best witty comebacks for a guy with lame pickup lines

Here are a few scenarios in which you might be able to respond to such unwelcome flirtation.

1.The perfect pick-up line

This pickup line is popular among guys for some reason—they believe it makes women feel special. They are completely mistaken.

They'll approach you at first, appearing unconcerned, but just before they pass you, they'll suddenly halt and declare, "I recognize you; you're the girl of my dreams!"

"That's funny, because this feels like my nightmare," you say in response.

Use this clever comeback to tell him that his introduction was inadequate and that he needs to perform better.

It’ll probably make him laugh, but that’s okay. He’ll be intrigued, and realize he’s not dealing with a basic chick like the ones that have possibly fallen for this lame line in the past.

2. The asking where you’ve been line

It’s easy to approach someone and start up a conversation by asking a question. By asking someone a question, it usually warrants a reply, which means instant communication, which is why guys like this pickup line: “Where have you been all my life?”

He’ll be expecting you to immediately fall for this corny pickup line.

Your reply? “I’ve been living mine.” Short, straightforward, and with a hint of sarcasm.

This reply lets him know you don’t find him funny, and it especially lets him know you don’t care to hear anymore. Keep on living, girl!

3. The nap-to-get-in-your-pants comment

Sometimes, you might still be friends with someone you used to date. If you go to visit an ex, and he’s got his mind set that because you two have hooked up before, so you’ll do it again, he may use this nap suggestion to try to get in your pants: “So, I kind of have this idea that we were going to take a nap together.”

Your comeback? “You must be tired. I actually had a few cups of coffee, so I guess I should just leave you to it then.”

4. The pickup line based on astrology

How frequently have you been contacted by a guy who inquired about your birthday or your zodiac sign? This is the person that comes up to you and asks, "What's your sign?"

You say, "Don't go in."

Hey, he was requesting a sign, wasn't he? Even more typical warnings, like "beware of dog" or "warning: high voltage," can be created.

Just be careful not to remark something to the effect of "slippery when wet," as that will only mislead him!

5. The remark that "ripped my breath away"

Nothing, good or bad, reminds you of your breath like a guy. This is the guy who genuinely believes that this line attracts women.

There isn't. On the other hand, if a man approaches you and thinks that this is the path to your heart, prepare for anything along the lines of, "Dang girl, you just stole my breath away!"

"Your breath is pushing me away," I reply. This will not only make him feel a little less like a man, but it will also alert him to the fact that he should probably find some gum, breath mints, or both, or quickly brush his teeth.

Whatever it takes, but maybe he will get the hint that he should work on his hygiene before working on his game.

6. The telephone line

We all have our technology devices on all the time in the world we live in. Therefore, a guy who tries to use this pickup line is either too immature to handle having his own phone or is so naive as to think it still works.

You can anticipate that this guy would wait until he sees you messaging on your phone before asking for your phone number.

You responded, "911."

Again, brief and uncomplicated. It's also humorous, so this person will probably chuckle. It's obvious that this man isn't the one for you if he doesn't laugh and instead appears perplexed.

Really, he’s probably not going to be the one for you if he’s still using the losing his phone number pickup line.

It's great if you sincerely appreciate a guy's flirty comments. But if you're not, you may still make these clever retorts to a flirtatious guy! Any of these are certain to help you leave the situation and get away from them as soon as possible if you find yourself wishing to do so.


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