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The Art of Staying Strong

A Tale of Betrayal, Resilience, and the Triumph of True Friendship

By Ameen younisPublished 5 months ago 5 min read

Layan was beautiful, sensitive, and stubborn at the same time, aspiring to achieve her dreams and goals. However, she always weakened in the face of difficulties and quickly surrendered in small problems. She had three friends, Huda, Wijdan, and Lamia, whom she loved dearly and trusted. Their relationship was full of joy and happiness, and Layan considered herself fortunate to have friends like them, almost like sisters.

One early morning, Layan went to the university as usual, but a new girl joined her department. She was a truly social girl who quickly befriended her classmates, including Layan and her three friends. They continued this way, and she became part of their friendship. Her name was Sahar, but Sahar's intentions were different from what she showed. She didn't want any real friendship; instead, she pursued her own interests. Not everything that glitters is gold, as they say. Layan noticed a significant change in Sahar's behavior at times, but she thought Sahar was just imagining things.

Exam time came, and every student prepared for the final exams. All of Layan's friends were diligent, except for Sahar, who was average. However, Layan helped Sahar a lot. On the third day of exams, Sahar and her classmates had tests. Layan wasn't worried because she had reviewed everything related to the exam. After the exams, Sahar asked Layan how the test was, saying:

Sahar: Hey, Layan, how was the exam?

Layan: For me, it was easy.

Sahar: Because you're smart, that's why it was easy for you.

Layan: I'm not just smart; I review everything I need to. We all have one mind, but we differ in how we use it. Isn't that so?

Sahar: Yes, of course.

Sahar: You know, I think Huda cheated on the test.

Layan: Huda, my friend! I don't think so at all. I haven't seen anything, and I don't doubt that Huda could do that because she is diligent.

Sahar: I saw her. Why didn't you trust me?

Layan: Because I didn't see it. I can't judge her based on something I didn't see, Sahar.

Sahar went to Huda and Wijdan, and Lamia informed them that their friend Layan hated them and didn't want them to get high grades. She also told them that Layan saw Huda cheating on the test and would inform the teacher about it. Unfortunately, Sahar's true intentions and motives appeared. Layan, who had helped her so much, faced betrayal. What did Layan do to deserve this treatment? But that was Sahar's goal from the beginning.

The conversation between Layan and her friend:

Layan: My friend Huda, I didn't do anything like that. Everything Sahar said is not true. You're my friend, whom I love so much, and you were the first person I met at university.

Huda: Oh, I've become confident in what you said. Stop lying from now on; you're no longer a friend to any of us. Okay!

Layan: Unfortunately, why didn't you believe me in what I said, and Sahar is the one who said these things.

Huda: Whatever, I just didn't want to talk to you. Even if you study with us, I'll treat you like someone I don't know at all, you who have envy and hatred in your heart.

Layan: Well, do whatever you want, but one day, the truth will come out.

Layan returned home, heard the news of a new dangerous virus spreading worldwide, and for the protection of people, universities and schools had to be closed. Layan felt great fear, but at the same time, she felt a little joy that she wouldn't see her friends again.

After a year, Layan returned to her university, returned with all her strength. Layan learned patience, determination, and willpower in that year, and she promised not to give up. Despite meeting her old friends, she no longer hesitated.

Layan's reunion with her friends:

Huda: Hello, how are you?

Layan: Fine, and you?

Huda: Me too.

Wijdan: Hello, how are you doing?

Layan: I'm in the best condition.

Lamia: How are you, Layan? Is everything good?

Layan: Thanks, I'm good.

Wijdan: A year passed quickly.

Layan: Yes, quickly without you.

Huda: What do you mean?

Layan: Nothing.

Huda: Well, I want to say... really.

Layan: What are you saying?

Huda: I really want you to forgive me for what I did to you and also for everything I said to you.

Layan: Huda, I have truly forgiven you for what you did to me from the day we stopped talking to each other. Because you, being the reason, made me the person who doesn't surrender quickly, if not for Sahar, I would have been like that.

Huda: Really, you forgave us?

Layan: Yes, and I must thank you because I have truly become strong, patient, facing any difficulty. I also learned not to surrender, hope, and most importantly, I learned from you what true friendship means. And now, I must go because I really don't have time.

Two years passed, and Layan graduated from her university. She became friends with Huda, whom she loved so much, and they exchanged feelings. This is how Layan truly learned to be strong, to endure despite several problems and difficulties. She learned patience, not to surrender, hope, and, most importantly, she learned from it what true friendship means. Whatever Layan went through, it was for the better, to know herself, to endure, to quickly surrender, or to go to a dark place to cry. But Layan faced everything that saddened her and learned how to remain strong. This is truly the "art of staying strong."


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Ameen younis

Versatile writer weaving magic and mystery, exploring life's nuances. Through evocative language, I aim to leave a contemplative mark by crafting resonant literary experiences.

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