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The 7 Types of Gift-Givers

by Natalie Spack 29 days ago in humor

On Christmas

Have you ever receieved a gift with strings attached? Or maybe someone gave you a DIY gift, consisting of actual string and glue? Even though it's "made from the heart," it's falling apart. We all give gifts in different ways and have different giving personalities. I have encountered these seven different types of givers. Let me know which one you are or have come across! (Listed below are the humorous and negative ones. I did not include the thoughtful and loving gift-givers which of course, do exist).

1. The Even Gift-Giver

Imagine this: you've worked hours on brainstorming, ordering, and assembling a thoughtful gift for someone only to have it rejected. Why? They claim it's "too much." How awkward. I’m always boggled by these people. I think, I got it for you, I decided that it wasn't too much, so just receive it! But for some reason, these type of gift-givers (and receivers) need everything to be equal. They either won’t receieve a gift if it's too expensive, or they will go out and buy more gifts in order to make the exchange "even." Since when is giving an “exchange” anyway?!

2. The Forgetter

This person is easily spotted on any birthday, anniversary, or holiday by their wide-eyed, shocked expression. The holiday snuck up on them and if they were being hoenst, they would admit that they forgot to get you a present. Instead, excuses spill out of their mouth like, "it's on the way from another country" or "I accidentally left it at home!" I usually just accept their excuse so that they're not embarassed. Who even cares anyway? There's no law that says they have to give a gift!

3. The Show-Off

This person will always exceed the spending limit if your family has set one. They got a bonus or a raise this year and want everyone to know about it. Their gifts can include iPads, cars, houses, etc. Honestly, they give some pretty amazing gifts. Even if they are showing off, I still love their gifts!

4. The Regifter

Have you ever received a random box of coasters or napkin holders? Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but they were probably a regift. ESPECIALLY if they had random initials on them. The Regifter will try to cover up the fact that they are regifting. For example, they might claim that the initials "N.S." (which clearly stand for their initials) stand for "neat sister" or "nice sir." Eh, just go with it. You can always regift it yourself next year.

5. The Over-Senitmental Giver

This person's gift is stained with their tears. Giving this gift to you is soooo meaningful to them that it better be meaningful to you. They remembered some small detail from your past and included it in their gift. Maybe they saved your baby teeth and made it into a piece of jewelry or framed your first piece of artwork from kindergarten. They are nostalgic and sentimental about eveything, especially this present.

6. The Attached Giver

Watch out with this gift, there are strings attached. This person might give a nice gift, but they expect something in return. For example, they give you a dress. This seems harmless until they "suggest" you wear it on New Year's Eve and post about it and tag them and the list goes on. If you disagree they will argue that you don't like the dress. This is never fun. I'd rather just give the gift back and cut those strings.

7. The DIY Giver

This giver’s gift is thoughtful and took a lot of time and creativity, but probably looks like a child's craft unless they are actually a talented artist. Warning: make sure not to actually compare it to a child's gift. Simply accept the gift and if you don't like it, just hide it in your closet.

I hope this video entertains you but most importantly I hope it helps all of us to laugh at ourselves and stress less over Christmas and gift-giving. Giving is beautiful when it's done out of love. My goal this year and going into 2021 is to find creative ways to give to the people around me and hopefully make their lives a little better, a little easier, and a little more joyful. We all need it.

Natalie Spack
Natalie Spack
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