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Swipe Right for a Fresh Look

by Fredrick Morgan 2 years ago in advice

Tips for a More Zesty Dating Profile

Swipe Right for a Fresh Look

How many times have you found yourself sitting in an office, waiting to be seen by the doctor, or simply at home waiting for your show to come back on, and find yourself swiping through possible contenders for your Saturday night plans?

As more and more people sign up for dating apps and social media, we understand that first impressions are becoming crucial. A simple swipe can determine whether you wish to engage with a person or not. Sites such as Tinder, Okcupid, and others are growing fond of and incorporating the swiping feature into their applications. Statistically, most users don’t even move past the first image when swiping. Only do they rarely scroll through the remaining photos to verify if “John from Columbia” or “Jessica from Starbucks” looks that good.

As an avid user of these dating apps, I admit to swiping through hoards of profiles in mere seconds, only to realize I accidentally swiped “Nope” to someone who was actually my type. Here’s a few pointers to avoid being someone’s accidental “Nope.”


Most users tend to read a profile after they have matched with the other. It's sort of a brief introduction to the person they just liked. A profile serves as a glimpse into the person you are and also as an ice breaker that would form a connection based on similarities.

1. People like to see that you are active.

Be sure to include your work or school. This already helps the other party form an assumption of what you may be like, as well as an instant connection if you are in similar fields or attended the same university.

2. Users love labels.

If not mentioned in your profile, you will surely be asked, "What’s your horoscope sign?" It’s ok if you don’t believe in astrological signs, and it’s even encouraged to note that on your profile. Nine out of ten times, even if the other party does believe in it, they will appreciate your sense of honesty and even retort, “Oh that’s so like your sign to say that.” But right away, the other user subconsciously gets a sense of comfort because you were open and confident to mention that. A great alternative to horoscope signs is the widely known, Myers - Briggs personality test, which (surprisingly) accurately portrays your persona with the use of several questions. Adding this to your profile is great, because it helps the other user to identify with you.

3. They want to know you.

Users love to know what you do on your free time. Not everyone is going to go “couch potato” on their free time. This is a perfect time to list a few hobbies, alongside favourite reading materials and films.

Give it character.

4. Give them a taste.

On most applications, they allow you to link a song or an album. This is the perfect opportunity to post a soundtrack for your profile, as songs that help describe you.

5. They always want to see more.

On most of these sites, you can link another social media platform, i.e., Instagram or Twitter. These are good reference points, especially when they want to move off of the site. Though the social media accounts are public and not necessarily as intimate as texting, it contains more personal information (photos, quotes, etc.) which makes the other user feel more connected with you.

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Fredrick Morgan
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