Stalking Your Ex

by LeAnn Murch 11 days ago in breakups

We all do it, don't try to deny it.

Stalking Your Ex

I'm almost positive everyone has stalked a lover at some point in their life and if you haven't I give props to you for having such strong will power. My friends and I make an adventure out of it, we plan it out in detail although it never goes as we planned it still ends up quite fun.

Alcohol is always involved in our stalking, I doubt anyone would want to stalk a person sober, now if you're sober and you do it you might just have an issue there. It always starts with a group of girls just hanging out and someone mentions an ex or a hot guy so and so has a crush on and bam the plot to stalk their life begins.

In our circle of friends it usually starts when someone starts dating someone. We are not the type of girls to date a guy and then tell our friends about him, no the moment we have any type of interaction with a man we text a picture of him along with a screenshot of our conversation with him and get as much feedback from everyone as we can.

Once we know his name and phone number we start searching him on all social media and friend requesting him so we can get all the details dating back to when he first created his facebook account.

Oh yes my dear readers we are THOSE females, we are worse than the FBI with invasion of privacy. Gotta make sure our girl knows what she's getting into and make sure there's no baby momma drama or ex wife drama or any kind of ex girlfriend type drama.

Once we know where you live then we drive by on certain days at certain times to make sure there's no funny business going on. This usually occurs if our friend feels there's some type of cheating going on. But mostly the stalking comes once you've broken our hearts and we just can't move on and we wanna make sure that you're not moving on either.

So we get all our girlfriends together and we get a little tipsy, but there's always a DD so we don't get in trouble and end up with a DUI. So we get all dolled up, get shit faced drunk and go for a drive down your street as many times as we possibly can without the cops being called on us.

Sometimes we even honk and if we're up for it someone will get out of the car and go knock on the door and then take off running. Oh yes we are that crazy, why I dunno because girls are dumb and we do stupid things. Blame Taylor Swift she's the one who writes songs about stuff like this letting us girls know its ok to do crazy things.

Someone will be stalking someone's exes page and if they see they're going out downtown we will purposely make sure we end up at the same bar that you were planning on going to just so we can run into you. What makes this whole situation worse is that when we finally do run into you we have absolutely no clue what to say or do or how to act so we just smile and keep walking.

Then hours later we think of a million things we could've said or done to get you back. Never ever goes as planned and yet we continue to do these stupid things in hopes that it'll make us feel better. In the end it never makes us feel better it just makes us feel worse.

I can recall countless nights of going downtown with friends and bar hopping to all of my ex's favorite bars with the hopes of possibly seeing him. And sure enough there were times where I actually did see him and walk right by him without uttering a word.

It's like my brain had a million things to say but my heart kept my mouth from moving so I just smiled and carried on with whatever I was doing. There was one time I ran into an ex and I was feeling amazing and beautiful that day so as soon as I seen him I grabbed the closest guy to me and made out with him, the look on his face was priceless.

I'll never forget that, I felt like I had won the game, although I've never quite learned what the game is but at that moment I felt I had won. I don't know why we do the crazy things we do as women but somehow it makes us feel better and makes us feel less crazy when we're not the only ones who do these crazy things.

I don't recommend stalking your ex but if it makes you feel better go for it but never do it alone. I can say from experience the best way to get over someone is to just move on and be happy, continue doing the things you love and enjoy and eventually you'll get over that loser who didn't want you. Remember guys are like bus stops, there is always another one around the corner.

LeAnn Murch
LeAnn Murch
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