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Ensuring that the core parts of life are never forgotten

By Ben ShelleyPublished 29 days ago 4 min read
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When you consider the word simple, what do you think? Do you ponder the letters in the word, the experiences it conjures up such as lounging in the bath or does it take you back to childhood? Wherever it takes you, there is one common thread and that is the lack of complexity.

I love my life in London. My wife, my job and my friends but it is hectic and whilst that is something that brings a smile to my face as I love the fastpaced nature of it, it is also a consideration that I love to take time away. Time to recharge the batteries and take a step back.

Whether that comes in the form of a holiday abroad, in the UK or quite simply the love of running a warm bath and laying in it for a few hours to read a book and forget about life. Regardless of what it is, it is the simplicity that runs through, something we can forget about.

Right now I am coming up to the busiest week of the year, with two events and the culmination of a presentation course, all in the space of four days. It is something that brings a smile to my face as I know that I will get to the end of the week knowing that I have achieved more this year than in any year that proceeded it but I will be knackered.

I have taken the Monday after and have a half day on Tuesday to ensure that I can fully recharge and forget about the struggles of life. With this, I refer to the simple joy of taking a bath, which for the men out there is not the most manly of activities but it is essential to my wellbeing in the sense that I can simply sit back and relax.

This level of relaxation can seem like an indulgence when you are in the weeds fighting off one deadline after another but the older I get and the busier I become, the more essential I find it. A friend of mine also recently pitched it perfectly when he said, once you stop taking joy in the day-to-day simple activities and hobbies that you enjoy, then you become lost.

It is so true to say that our lives are complicated. They continue to get more complicated as each and every year passes and that is both wondrous and terrifying in equal measure. It is something that we should always be mindful of when it comes to those around us, as if we do not take time for ourselves then we can quickly and easily lose ourselves in the shuffle.

I feel as though I recognize my signs and the triggers of frustrations but that is only through years of repetition and taking the time to understand. That is also to say that I am not perfect and still do make mistakes.

I know that I do have somewhat of an addictive personality that can be of benefit and detriment to my wellbeing and it is something that I need to keep an eye on.

By ensuring that I program my days with time for me I am able to stay ahead and ensure harmonious co-existence with the world around me. Whether or not that world feels the same is another question but as long as I aim to treat others as I would like to be treated then there should not be that many, if any complaints.

There will always be mistakes as I am human, as we all are and part of that journey is making mistakes and leaving ourselves open to criticism or vulnerability. It is something that I try to remember every day, through the good and the bad, with both of my eyes squarely fixed on today and what will keep me sane, as if any of us stray a little then we could be lost.

I think that it is both fascinating and scary as to how vulnerable we are as human beings, in regards to our flaws. We could be challenged one day, only to feel entirely secure the next or we could continue our downward spiral which truly reflects how vulnerable we are as a species and how conscious we need to be in terms of our thoughts and feelings.

We need to prioritise our mental health and ensure that we give ourselves breaks. If we do not then we become work-obsessed tools that never truly live a life worth remembering and that is something that I am concious of.

As someone who has a lot of possessions, I want to ensure that I prioritise and do not end up on my death bed wishing that I had worked less as that would be a very very sad confession.

I want to look back knowing that I had an enjoyable career, that I embraced each and every change that was placed in front of me whilst also keeping that line between work and social/family.

I mean there is no point in going down this journey with my wife if the only conclusion is going to be that we get divorced owing to the fact that I work too much and never provide enough time for the family. In that case, I would not blame her.

We all have a finite time on this earth and as such need to make the most of each and every day, as we never know when the next will be provided. I wish this was not the case and I could have the rest of eternity but that would not be fair to those who have not been provided the opportunity.

This is my chance and I do not intend to waste it. I intend to continue living every day to its fullest as you never know when your last will arrive and take you away forever.  


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