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Silence is Golden

The past is the past for a reason.

By Friday VibesPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

You know how some things are just better left unsaid. Regardless if you have something on someone that could be a big deal or whatever... some things are meant to stay in the past period. There shouldn't be any future conversations about anything at all. So this is a little story on something that happened in my personal life about a year ago... maybe a little closer to two years.

I worked at a local call center for years on and off. I moved around from different teams and learned so much over that time period. One of the last ones I was on was a Wireless team and it was great. We chatted and listed to Pandora for hours a day. That was the team where I felt like I belonged and would really grow from being on it. Months go by and I apply to move into an intern job which is basically a manger without a lot of the extra work. Well, I ended up being selected for the job and it all moved so fast! But let's back it up some... Let's take it back to the months following up to the actual job change.

There was this girl, another agent on the team, that was super cool. We ended up hanging out after work and on weekends. It was nice. It was like my little getaway from my relationship and kids, etc. Just a little girl time, to be honest with you. A few drinks, smoke a little weed, and keep pushing. She was a good promoter, if you know what I mean. She was good at encouraging me to keep going. Sometimes she was better than my fiance to be honest with you. It was a welcomed change as far as conversation and things. Her girlfriend was in the army and she would have these training classes that were always in another state that you couldn't just drive to overnight. She always had to fly away for sometimes two weeks at a time. The first time I had ever heard about it, we were all sitting around eating dinner and having drinks, just chilling with co-workers talking about everyone we hate at work. She left out about three days after that and I would still come around and just hang out. Well, the girl was wanting me to take her to Walmart and to the hair store and get some weave... I needed to go to the same places so I said why not? During my drive, I needed to stop by my parent's house and grab a few things that my mom had left behind before leaving out for my sisters and I said well she can come in and help me grab this stuff, make it easier for me to keep going. When she came into the house, she walked around and saw some of the decor etc. in my mom's house. I said, "Well, I have a few minutes to kill" and it had started raining really bad outside. I hate driving in the rain so I will wait to avoid it. We were standing in the living room next to this storage of photo books we've kept forever! She started looking through my old photos and kept saying how much I've changed and everything. I was like, "Yeah, two kids later and things change on the human." Once that was said, she took her hands and placed them on my breast. I was like, "Well ummm.... m'kay." We left that at that and left out on what remaining tasks we had. I went home and got ready to shower and she sent me a text message that was like, "I wanted you today. I didn't know how to approach you with the action so I left it alone." I wrote back and said the feeling was mutual but we are both in relationships so I didn't want to cross that line. We talked about it some more and agreed that if anything sexual happened, it would be a one time thing and then we would just remain friends. I went over that next morning to pick her up for work and then it happened... We were naked in her bed, having a very intimate session with each other. We cleaned up and went to work like nothing ever happened.

Weeks go by and I promoted and she did not, even though we applied for different jobs... She was upset and I was willing to help her prepare for the next time she promoted. Instead, she got upset and decided to tell others in the room we worked in about our session. She mentioned to them that she was in love with me and she was upset that I didn't return the same feelings towards her. After all, I thought we had the same understanding that it was a one time thing. It was just a moment while her spouse was out of town and I was going through some times within my own relationship.

I still have friends that work at the call center and they will inform me of things she said when she was still working there and etc. I just found out tonight that she said that I broke her heart and everything. In this case, I felt like she should have left the past in the past. It's the past for a reason....


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Friday Vibes

I'm a somewhat single mother of 2 boys. 3, if you count my husband. Born and raised in Texas. I love anything with food, diy, love & relationships... I've been there and done that on so many topics :)

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    Friday VibesWritten by Friday Vibes

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