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The Office Christmas Party

How close is too close?

By Friday VibesPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

It was the week before Christmas, and the entire staff was excited about the company party that weekend. It was a Thursday evening. Some were already gone for the holiday break, others stayed behind to tie up some ends before being gone for about a week. Of course, there was the chatter about the upcoming party. Who would be there? Would they have an open bar? What would the vibe be like during that time? They all knew the location and time, but a few people needed to know specific details about the party.

Let me introduce you to Maria and Charles. Both are Sr. Account managers for the office. Charles is currently in his third year of being in this position, while Maria only in the middle of year one. They both worked really hard to get to the position they are in now. There was always a rumor that the two had more than a workplace friendship. The office party would be where it all comes out. However, they didn't know that Friday night would be the night they had to re-think if the actions were something they should have never engaged in.

Friday came around. It was a very relaxing day in the office. Most of the employees are only there because they are out of vacation days for the year already. The others just had a few things that were very important to complete before vacation time kicked in. During the workday, a security breach happened. Emails, records, and more were all shared on the work computers, personal cell phones, and more. Maria and Charles were very careless in their communication.

They spoke of times they would meet up, midday lunches that turned into sex moments in hotels. But here is the twist! They were both married and their spouses worked in another department within the company. When the emails were leaked, the spouses in the other departments were able to read through them all in great disgust. Maria was married to Todd. Charles was married to Alicia. Both had been with the same spouse for 15 years or more.

The office shut down early but the 2 lovers never thought that the moments they shared together were now being shared for the entire company. They prepared to go to the party with their spouses as if they had nothing going on. Before leaving the office, they made plans to meet up with each other during the party. They talked about finding a closet or a place they could be alone. The two knew that they wouldn't be able to see each other over the holidays. They had it all planned out on how they would get to release some tension during this time. But the plan would soon fail.

The couples made it to the party. The car rides were in silence. Maria knew that something was wrong but Todd is already a man of few words. Charles and Alicia already argue about anything and everything, so tonight was no different. However, Alicia and Todd made plans to let the others know that they know of the affair and they are leaving the others.

They all walk into the party, hand in hand. Nothing seems off at this point. The other employees saw the emails earlier that day, so they wondered why the two even decided that it was okay to show their faces at this party. People whispered to each other in shock. Maria knew the secret was out. Before the welcome speech started, shit hit the fan. Both Alicia and Todd were ready! Guns blazing!

They screamed and yelled, showed out in front of at least 150 people. The majority of the staff knew what the fight was about. Maria ran out of the part with Charles in tow. Even after that moment of embarrassment, they had a hotel prepared for a night of fun. They checked in and got to work. They had sex the entire night as if nothing happened to the both of them just moments before.

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