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Signs That You’re In A Restaurant That Could Make You Sick

by Conner Bowen 6 months ago in advice
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It's important to know how to choose the right restaurant.

Signs That You’re In A Restaurant That Could Make You Sick
Photo by Zakaria Zayane on Unsplash

If you've never had problems eating at a restaurant, then you're in luck! Or maybe you just knew how to choose the place where you eat.

Although we are accustomed to looking at the reviews of the restaurant where we are going to eat or to asking the opinion of our friends, it seems that there are still some signs that the place where we are going to eat will make us sick.

It only takes you 5 minutes to figure out if the restaurant you are in is a safe place to eat or if you have every chance of getting sick.

What are these signs? Well, the clues are in the way you are received at the door, in the way the tables are arranged, or in the way the restaurant employees treat you. Are you curious what the other signs are? Discover them in the gallery above!

No one greets you at the door

One is for the hostess to be busy with other guests, another is to wait for minutes and no one to come and invite you to a meal. At this point, the first impression is made, and a restaurant that does not deal with this aspect has major management problems. This should make you think twice about whether or not you want to eat there.

You are ignored

A very important rule in a restaurant is for a customer to be approached by the waiter 60 seconds after he sits down at the table. The waiter has to ask you if you want to have a drink or bring your menu. If he is unable to do so, it is the manager's responsibility to take over.

The restaurant is empty

Did you catch a good meal by the window on a rainy Tuesday night? Super! Did you catch a good meal by the window at 8 p.m. on a Saturday (without reservation)?

Then it's not as great anymore. This means that no one wants to eat there and you should start wondering why. A restaurant that looks like a haunted city should raise questions. It's better not to eat there!

Tables are not discarded

There is no excuse when a customer is invited to a dirty meal, with stained food menus, plates from which someone else has eaten, and ashtrays full of cigarette butts.

Tables must be cleared immediately after the customer leaves and before someone else sits there. Even the salt and pepper shaker must be wiped off after being used by customers. Avoid such places because they have serious hygiene or staffing problems.

The staff is not friendly

We all have worse passes when we just can't be nice to anyone. However, those who work in this industry must be open, cheerful, and polite. If you notice that everyone who works at that restaurant is visibly upset, it means that something is wrong with that place.

Managers don't help

In successful restaurants, managers and owners are not superior to any other employee and ensure that all customers have a beautiful experience. Whether it's serving food, cleaning meals, or ordering a drink, everyone needs to get involved and help.

Customers are not satisfied

If you notice that there is more than one dissatisfied customer in the restaurant or you see that people refuse food, then you are definitely in the wrong place. Other indications that the restaurant you are in is not the most suitable are the half-filled glasses, the long wait time for the order, and the drinks that arrive at the tables only after serving food.

The one who serves you makes more than one mistake

A minor mistake on the part of the person serving you should not worry you. However, if the mistakes continue, it means that you are in a restaurant of questionable quality. Some of the mistakes that you should not overlook are the fact that your food reaches another table, that you receive something different from what you ordered, that you are served with improperly cooked meat, cold food, etc.

The bathroom is dirty

At a good restaurant, the bathroom is regularly cleaned and toilet paper is never missing. At the end of the day, it is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant. If the bathroom smells of urine, it is dirty on the floor, the trash can is full and the doors do not close, be sure that there are problems in the kitchen as well.


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