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Rekindled Love

An Original Short Story

By Sandi Robertson-BrooksPublished 4 years ago 5 min read
Photo by Anton Malan from Free Images

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. The seconds past by slowly as I waited. I did not know who or what I was waiting for. Two days ago, I received a letter in the mail that said: If you want your life to change or just want an adventure show up at Café Rosa for 12 pm in two days time. At first, I was freaked out. The letter was handwritten, addressed specifically to me, and there was no return address. I was afraid that I was being set up by someone. However, being a bachelor can get boring, so I was ready for an adventure.

Now I sat sipping a coffee with one hand and folding and unfolding the letter with the other. I picked a table outside so that I am visible to whoever was coming and to the public. I looked at my watch- 2 minutes to 12. The letter started to fall apart as the repetition of folding and unfolding quickened.

A lady walked over and sat down in front of me. As she sat, the clouds break apart and allow the sun to shine. It took a second, but slowly recognition dawned. “Oh my gosh! I can not believe it is you,” I stammered.

“Hi, I am glad that you responded to the letter. I was worried that you would think it was too creepy and not come,” she exclaimed.

“How did you know my address? Why did you send me the letter?” I cautiously asked.

“I just moved to this area for work. I am friends with your sister on Facebook and she gave me your address. I figured I could risk sending a letter and see if you might be willing to come. I would have said who it was from, but I did not know what you thought of me. I have always wondered what would have happened if we had stayed together,” she explained.

“I have always wondered too. I never stopped thinking about you.”

“So, you are not mad?” she softly asked.

I reached across the small table and laid my hand across hers. I looked deep into her eyes and shook my head. At that moment all the feelings I had as a high school senior came rushing back. I remembered the love we had felt in the past. Looking at her now, I could feel my hands get sweaty and my stomach do backflips.

We sat at that table all afternoon. I learned how she had followed her dream of becoming a nurse. She explained how she just got a job at the Children’s Hospital in this city. I told her about being an accountant for a large company, my condo, and my dog Rex. She told me about the small apartment that she had found.

“What about that big house you dreamed of having? You used to say that as soon as you were finished school you would have it?” I asked.

“Well, school is expensive, and I am still in debt. So that dream is still a long way away, especially alone,” she replied.

“Maybe one day”, I said. We continued to talk for a little bit longer and then stood up to leave. I walked her back to her car. We exchanged numbers, made plans for later in the week, and parted ways. I wanted to kiss her but did not know how she would respond.

I spent the rest of the night picturing her face. I dug up old yearbooks and a scrapbook she had made me. I flipped through the memories. The more I remembered, the more I longed for her touch. As I was slipping into bed my cellphone started beeping. I received a text from her that simply read “Sweet dreams ;)”. I responded and fell to sleep with a smile on my face.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. The hours seemed to last forever as I waited for our next date. When the day finally arrived, I drove to her house. I knocked on her door and when she opened it the world froze around her. She wore a baby blue dress that clung to her every curve. The front of the dress cut low enough just to tease. I could feel my eyes widen as I tried to take it all in. “Do you like?” she coyly asked while twirling a strand of hair around her finger. I reached for her and guided her towards my car. Her hand felt clammy in mine and I smiled at the thought of her being as nervous as I was.

I had a hard time driving because I constantly wanted to sneak a peak at her body. She was not making it any easier as she held her body in a way to show off her curves. She had the window open just enough that the wind teased the hair around her face. Every time she caught me glancing her way she smiled.

The night was perfect. The sky was filled with thousands of twinkling stars and not a cloud in sight. We started with dinner and as we sat there I could feel her foot brush against my leg. I could feel the softness of her skin as raised the bottom of my pant leg ever so slightly and let her skin brush against mine. Sometimes she would let her foot linger. Her smile radiated and barely ever left her face. Her personality was as bubbly as the champagne we sipped.

Not wanting the night to end we headed out for ice cream. We ditched our shoes in my car, so we could walk barefoot along the beach. Our feet left soft indentations in the sand, mere indications of where we had been as we walked along hand in hand. A gentle breeze blew whispers of the past to our awaiting ears. The moon shone lighting our path. The waves gently wash our feet as they roll in.

I pull her close. I lean forward into her embrace. I let the anticipation burn until neither of us can stand it any longer. I let my ice cooled lips warm against the passion of her kiss. The heat of her consumed me as I burrowed deeper into her soul. My hands found a home in the small curve of her back, while the other pulled her closer. Millions of memories flashed through my head. I saw our first kiss, our prom, our graduation, and so much more. When I opened my eyes, I saw my future.

She pulled away from me and started to run ahead. “Catch me if you can’” she taunts. I let her run ahead for a few seconds, and just watched her. Then I ran forward to catch my future.


About the Creator

Sandi Robertson-Brooks

Just a small town girl in a big wide world. I write as a way to process thoughts and emotions, and as a creative break from the daily grind. I love challenging myself with different styles.

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