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Taking on a different perspective

By Noah DouglasPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Danielle Dolson on Unsplash

From what has been a decent chunk of time without rain, it has come back and seemingly to stay.

Based in Manchester, UK; how am I surprised though- this is rain's hometown, the place he resides day in day out.

Looking out the window, seeing all the furious downpour- I feel downbeat. No going outside, no running, no coatless outfits.

Yet, I recognise this is such a narrow-minded view.

How am I to see my inconvenience as superior to that of those reliant on Rain.

Rain stops drought, enables food to grow, and makes for brilliant romantic scenes.

I sometimes find that my perspective, bias, and personal preference takes the forefront. If you think about it though this can make sense as we are all living as the main character in the movie of our lives. Saying this, we are all involved in a greater narrative.

Our indie films play whilst the Scorsese masterpiece, which is life, goes on whether we like it or not.

This shift of view brings gratitude. We get to recognise the privilege of even being part of the masterpiece. Things outside of our control aren't ours to fret over; they serve as an undercurrent to a bigger storyline.

People are all stumbling over their resources, their relationships, and their ability to get outside or not.

I see the rain as a grounding for my ego. I'm so small in the massive beauty which is this universe. My issue with having to walk to Aldi with a coat on is no biggie. Ultimately someone needed this Rain in their story to provide me with the food in my story in Aldi.

We are all interconnected. We all suffer and struggle, but we can all choose to have a good mindset through that.

Sometimes I'm definitely guilty of the selfish, self-serving, entrepreneurial mindset. It's all about me, me, me.

You think the world wants perfectly manicured lifestyles and therefore you stay in your lane. Oh, I don't need to help Bob because I need to look after myself which then can enable me to help him and others in the future.

No, no, no.

Take it from the biggest procrastinator in the world;

Perfectionism = Paralysis

I think we are called to think about what we do and do the best for ourselves and others but ultimately we just need to do it. Take action. Go into life and actually move.

Random stuff appears one day and your whole world is thrown upside down. But if you don't hold back on ideas and preparations you've held for years you won't be under stress when stuff like Covid appears.

Similarly know we aren't alone in it all. I see it like this:

I'm like the rain, my personal narrative is simply a drop and without others, I lose who I am.

(And that's from someone who finds people particularly frustrating).

So is that it then- we ignore our own opinions, perspectives, and inclinations?

In my younger years I did that; trying to seek the approval of a friendship group, a crush or simply to show off how 'cool' I am. But do you know what- the coolest thing is? It's to meet people where they are, be loving to them whilst having genuine interest, being part of their narrative. All the while having an awareness where their perspective may be right or wrong or simply different- and be okay with that.

I look to the rain and think of the people dancing out in it, the farmers smiling at their crops, and the people who simply don't care. Every masterpiece receives a different response- I hope that I can be okay with people having a different perspective on mine.


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