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Psychology: always produce these few ideas, is the performance of the inner darkness, do you know yourself?

The wildness of man is no different from the various beasts of the oak forest. -- Ben Jonson

By Zuck SchwartzerPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

In life, everyone has a variety of ideas, positive, negative, pure, and dark. It's just that what people think inside is generally more complex, so even if some dark thoughts occasionally appear, they are often ignored by themselves, not realizing the influence and destructive power that kind of thoughts carry.

"Conspiracy theory", and "dark theory", these ideas, and logic are not only in film and television drama, but they may also exist in our real life, or you and I inside. Whether it's yourself or others, if you find the following ideas inside, you should take the initiative to change if it's yourself, and you should take the initiative to stay away if it's others.

First, people who try to persuade and change themselves are trying to control themselves

The dark people treat people and things inside with "conspiracy theories", for example, some people see that they have some problems, and they want to point out them so that they can change, to progress. But this kind of advice, in the heart of the dark people seem to want to take the opportunity to degrade them, to elevate themselves. Even more, they will feel that the other party wants to take advantage of the opportunity to guide them and admonish them to achieve the purpose of controlling themselves.

Second, think that all good things are transient, vain, fragile

This kind of person's inner state is not negative in the universal sense that everyone thinks, the reason why they think that all good things are transient, vain, fragile, and not too negative psychologically, but their inner worldview is like this. They have a sense of having been through a lot and have seen everything through. They are not negative, but negative, is dark, dark to the good has produced resistance and rejection, they do not think that they are too pessimistic, but feel that the world's underlying color is pessimistic.

Third, the initiative to approach their people are ulterior motives

The inner darkness of the people is too defensive, always suspicious of the motives of others, others close, they will feel that the other party must be beneficial, that anyone close must be with some kind of purpose, otherwise why will take the initiative to find themselves. This kind of person's heart is closed, an takes this closed as a kind of self-protection.

People with this mentality may have been hurt or betrayed by someone they trusted before, so they have developed a kind of "post-traumatic stress disorder", a "once bitten by a snake, ten years afraid of the good rope" mentality. But when we live in the world, we cannot take a moment as permanent, and we cannot take special as universal. It may be true that we have been hurt by others in the process of growing up, but this does not mean that all the people we meet later are approaching us with malice and purpose. For this situation above, we should learn how to distinguish, rather than overdoing it in one fell swoop.

Fourth, the acquisition and possession of others will produce jealousy

Gain and loss coexist, there must be gain and loss, loss and gain are a very common pair of relationships in life. But the dark side of people can only see the other side of the gain, not see the other side of the loss, and will be jealous of their part of the gain. This mentality is wrong, gain and loss are a fixed number in everyone's life, not because others have their own do not, so you can not think that fate is generous to him, to their own is mean. The dark people only see each other "get" this result, and selectively ignore each other in the "get" before a whole process.

The above 4 ideas and perceptions of people are hidden inside the dark side. We need to reflect on ourselves and observe others, whether it is for others or for themselves, to stay away from such ideas and psychology as soon as possible.


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