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People then have the ability, try not to do these three "confused things"

People should not do these "stupid things" when they reach middle age.

By Zuck SchwartzerPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Many people have many problems when they reach middle age. Menopause tends to cause anger and rage, and doing the wrong thing happens often. This is because some people become very capable in middle age. They may have successful careers and happy families. But in middle age, if you have the ability, you can't do these "stupid things". We can't reveal our wealth, that is, we can't let others know how much we have, because many people will know how much you have, so they can borrow money from us, which will bring you a lot of unnecessary trouble. Not talking, not respecting others, and hurting their self-esteem. You can't easily despise others, you can't easily say to others, there is no interest. So people in middle age, try not to do these three "silly things".

1. Show your wealth to the outside world

Save money is a wise choice. Now many young people pay money, it is easy to send friends over to show off their wages. This is unreasonable. So people should not expose their wealth when they reach middle age. Because if you are made aware of how much money you have at home and how much you have paid, you will have many people coming to you to borrow money, and it is easy to be robbed and stolen. So, even if you are rich in middle age, you should keep a low profile and hide your wealth. Very often, money is the root of all evil. If your family members ask you to borrow money, if you don't, it may cause a bad reputation and some trouble. When you reach middle age, you should not easily disclose your assets to others, even if you can afford them.

2. Disrespect others and hurt them

Speech is not only an art but also a study. Many people have lost the skill of success because they can't speak. Therefore, even in middle age, you should pay attention to your tone of voice and attitude. When talking to others, don't disrespect them and hurt their self-esteem. Just like when you eat at a restaurant, don't yell at the waiter and respect other people's work. If the waiter has something bad to say, be careful how you speak and acceptably solve the problem. Make you feel polite, give the waiter a complete face, and not hurt his self-esteem. People should be more careful about what they say when they reach middle age. Don't say anything that hurts or disrespects others.

3. Look down on others and on people who are not ambitious.

Someone has said that vanity makes people progress and pride makes people fall behind. It is also said that vain people will be more senior and senior people will be outdated. Therefore, even if a person reaches middle age, even if he has achieved a career, he should learn to be humble and not to be high.

Don't belittle the work and quality of life of others. Like your relatives and friends, it is not easy to despise others when their family life is average and their work is not going well. Because everyone has different pursuits and different requirements for quality of life. So you don't have to use your height to measure the height of others, and you won't feel that others are not interested in you. When people reach middle age and have a successful career, they should not look down on other people's work, nor should they feel unrewarded.

When you reach middle age, you can do another thing. Try not to say these "confusing" words. First, do not easily expose your wealth to the public, as this will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. When you reach middle age, you should be careful about your words and actions, your attitude, not to hurt others, and respect your work as much as possible. Even if you have achieved your career, do not underestimate the work of others. Without high-level feelings, it is not easy to feel that others do not appear. So when you reach middle age, try not to do these "stupid things".


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