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Protecting Our Men

Needs of a Man

By Charlene ACPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Emotional Support

There are several things we should do for our men. We should love, encourage, and be supportive of our men. It doesn’t matter the nationality. All men need their women to love them unconditionally.

Men and women don’t speak the same love language. Men need women to understand that they communicate by being straight forward. Whereas women we talk in circles and then come back to the point. Men need us to be straightforward with them. They need us to understand that they tend to keep their feelings bottle up and internalize things. They process things differently. So, women need to be more understanding and not trap our men into feeling like we don’t love or understand them.

We must communicate with our men from a loving place. Listen to nonverbal cues and well as verbal cues. He needs us to understand that it is hard being a man in this world. I think sometimes we forget that men are humans too. That they have feelings. We forget to protect them from the cruel world that they must face day in and day out. To provide for the family.

I don’t know what it is like to be a man, but a man has so much to face in this cruel unjust world. He may face being belittled by a male superior in the work place. Beaten, gunned down, or harassed by the police that were hired to protect and serve him. Some of our men must deal with not being able to find a suitable job to help provide for his family. All of this can break the spirit of even the strongest man over a period.

There are so many enemies after our men and they need to us to keep them alive in this harsh world. The male gene needs to be preserved and protected so we can have protectors and strong male figures for our sons and daughters. We must keep that masculine voice and touch of a man protected.

Nothing is more important to me than to have my man feel safe in my presence. Being secure enough to lay his head in my bosom and find solace. To be his peace and his strength when he is weak. To give some of myself to him. To help him fight another day. To ensure him that tomorrow will be better and that this too shall pass. Giving him the encouragement to keep fighting and never give up. Letting him know that he has a strong woman by his side ready to take on the world with him. As women, we should be the guiding light in the future of our men. We get so caught up in thinking that the man is supposed to be the bread winner, stronger sex, and protector. However, we should protect our men to where they will live longer to express the issues and culture of being a man to our rising sons.

We must let our men be the alpha males that they are and love us the way men are supposed to love a woman.

The heavenly bodies created women for man. The Bible states, So God created mankind in his own image, in the image he created them; male and female he created them. We should build relationship skills with our man. Master the skills of our emotional roles and love.

They need us the same way we need them. Men need women to acknowledge that they are loved, welcome and emotionally supported. I am not some expert, but I am only giving you my take on what I feel about our men needs.


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Charlene AC

Charlene was born and raised in South Carolina she holds a BBA degree. Her passion for writing started as a way to express herself. She gives her take on relationships, her personal trials and fantasies.

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