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Positive Signs During Separation (How Will My Husband Act If He Wants To Reconcile?)

If you're wondering what are the positive signs during separation, then you're not alone because it seems like the line has been blurred in a lot of marriages. Isn't it frustrating that you have to spend your time trying to figure out how will my husband act if he wants to reconcile, when it seems like everyone else is walking around happy and in perfect little marriages.

By Ashley ScholarPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 7 min read
Positive Signs During Separation (How Will My Husband Act If He Wants To Reconcile?)
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Even if you have separated from your spouse there still may be hope that you can get back together. If you want to know if your spouse wants you back, there are some definite signs to look for.

Your marriage may have separated because it is easy to misinterpret each other and say things that you do not mean, or, you have been together for some time and you began taking each other for granted; another way that marriages can unexpectedly end.

So, if you are wondering if the signals you think you are seeing, are your spouse wanting to get back with you, then check them against these signs. It is important to distinguish between signs that you hope to see and signs that your spouse genuinely wants you back. Some men wish only to continue to see you for what they can get from you, when they can get it. It is important that you make sure that what you see is not just what you hope to see. It is easy to see what you want to see if that is what you are looking for. However, there are very clear signals that they really do want to get back together and rekindle your marriage.

Signs To Look For That Your Spouse Wants You Back

One major sign is that they step up his communication with you. They call more frequently, or text or email you on a regular basis. They may be checking to see if you are amenable to keeping in touch and mending broken bridges.

In your conversations with them, you may notice that they share with you what they have been doing. They may tell you about the new things they have been doing, and seem to be trying to impress you. They may have been thinking about your marriage together and the things that they did not do so well the first time round and may be subconsciously trying to prove that they can do better next time.

Another sign that your spouse wants you back is that they will take more care to listen to you and be very interested in the things that you are doing. Listen carefully to what they ask you and if they appear to be interested, then they may still love you and want you back. They will want to make sure that they are not stepping on any toes and may be testing the water to see if you still love them too, or if you have moved on.

The most obvious sign is one that some people can miss entirely! The most obvious sign is when they say, "I miss you and I want you back." Unfortunately, when you have just gone through a separation you can still be so emotionally distraught that you do not hear it, or do not believe it. You may even think that it is a trick and that they do not really mean it.

The bottom line is that when they look you in the eye and tells you they love you and wants you back, then they mean it. Believe them. Trust them and smile at them. If you still love them then tell them that you want them back too. Show them that you are the happy confident person they fell in love with when you both first met.

Here are some positive signs during separation:

· Your spouse constantly keeps in touch with you.

· Your spouse enjoys your company.

· Your spouse has no serious relationships and makes sure you know it.

· Your spouse likes talking to you.

· Your spouse wants to be around you, whether casual or on a date.

· Your spouse talks to you about serious issues and depends on you to listen and offer advice.

· Your spouse calls you if even just to say hello.

· They encourage you to keep the communication going.

· Your spouse is interested in getting to know you and whets going on in your life again.

· Your spouse always tries to initiate reasons of needing to see you more.

· They feel a sense of harmony when around you.

· They want to know your schedule and not let you out of their sight.

· They lose weight or tone up to impress you.

· They react differently in a positive way when things don't seem go as planned.

· Your spouse doesn't want to break any connections they have with you.

· Talks about other girls, but shows no interest towards them.

· Asks if you are interested in someone else or how current relationships are going.

· Makes sexy gestures when in your presence

· Gazes into your eyes for several minutes at a time.

· Is confident getting back together is the right move and tries to convince you of the same.

· They seem to show a fascination for things that you are interested in.

If you want your spouse back be a little quieter than you were before and don't talk as much. This will make him or her ask more questions and become curious. Looking to get your spouse back is not an simple process. You may have ideas and thoughts about what you want to say and do. However, when you are trying to get back with him or her, it takes careful consideration and planning.

Mistakes do come about in marriages and you may feel that another chance can bring the two of your closer. You will need to figure out why you want to get your spouse back. If you are serious about how much you miss and care for your spouse then you must give it a chance. You must sit down and think about why you broke up. Look at both sides of the marriage. There were probably things that they did that you did not like; certainly there were things that you did that they did not like.

Once you realize where you went wrong, you can start making corrections and begin to amend the marriage. Relationships are hard work and it is important for both parties to know what went wrong the first time. Knowing mistakes made will greatly increase your chances of a better marriage in the future.

How Do You Respond If You're Seeing Some Of These Signs

I find that women in this situation have varying reactions. Some are very clear and transparent about the fact that they are thrilled that he wants to reconcile. The might worry if things are going to work out sometimes, but they are willing to do anything to save their marriage, so they are willing to jump right in and get to work.

Then you have some wives who really want to analyze exactly what is happening and which response will give them the best chance to save their marriage. Although they want to jump right back into their marriage, they are somewhat reluctant to do this because they want to lay the groundwork and move slowly to ensure that their marriage really stands a chance.

And then there are the wives who don't want to get too excited because they don't want to get their hopes up. They are suspicious of their husband's motivations for suddenly wanting to reconcile, so they are guarded about the whole process. And they wait for him to lead the way.

So which approach is right? There is no one answer here. I do find that the suspicious and reluctant wives seem to sometimes have the lowest success rate because their doubt keeps them from truly letting go and truly trying their best to make things work. They are always holding something back because they don't want to get hurt. But the fall out from this can be that their husband thinks they don't care or he gives up because their lack of enthusiasm or commitment.

The wives who don't ask questions and go all in immediately can sometimes be disappointed to later learn that nothing has really changed and that they still have the same problems that they have always had and which contributed to the separation in the first place.

That's why I advocate a happy combination of the two. There is nothing wrong with being happy that your husband is showing signs of wanting to reconcile. That is good, exciting news. And it is a wonderful first step. But I find that couples who take the next step and find some sort of resources or get some kind of help to navigate the reconciliation process have a much higher success rate. Because it is one thing to want to reconcile. And it is entirely different thing to actually gain the education and resources to make it possible.

It's my opinion that you will give yourself the best chance of the reconciliation actually working if you give yourself that chance to save your marriage but also temper your enthusiasm enough to ensure that you find and get the help that you might need to ensure success.

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