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Pathway to Self-Sufficiency

A Hope Station USA Project

By Brandi PaynePublished 5 years ago 3 min read

This is an announcement of a new project created by Hope Station USA that will be a huge benefit to the homeless as well as the communities in which they live. It is called Pathway to Self-Sufficiency which will be a little community or village, if you will, that the homeless will live in. it will be a community of tiny houses in a fenced-in community with a six-month program.

It will be able to accommodate at least twenty homeless individuals at each location we create and give them a chance to regain their self-sufficiency in a warm safe place to live out of society’s eyesight. It will always be in a fenced in a location with someone watching the gate for trespassers.

The program will motivate individuals who want to work and give them the hand up they need to get back into a working and tax-paying society. That will be part of the first step into becoming self-sufficient. We will help create resumes for those who have work experience and a computer lab on site for them to locate jobs.

We will provide them with transportation to and from work. Once they have been working for thirty days, then they will have to pay a certain amount for staying in the program which will create an income to keep the program running. We will assist them in opening a bank account and showing them ways to save money and creating a budget.

This will be a contractual program where should any rules be broken, they must leave the program after one warning. Each individual will be assessed upon arrival and the program will be adjusted to meet their needs. They will be taught life lessons such as cleaning, cooking, sewing, and grocery shopping on a budget.

There will be Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous groups that will meet weekly. We will have barbeque weekends weather permitting which will give them social skills on human interaction. They will have a chance to get a driver’s license or identification. We will assist them in saving to secure transportation of their own whether it be a bicycle or vehicle.

Then they will have the chance to save for their own apartment, which we will assist them in searching for based on their income. There will be room inspections to make sure they are keeping them clean and tidy. This is all to help them be able to live a normal life.

Being homeless and the way society treats and views the homeless has made a lot of the individuals withdrawn and fearful. It will take some time to incorporate them back into society, but with someone they can trust, it can be achieved. I want to be the one they can trust because I have been in their shoes for twenty-three years and I am a survivor who can be a witness to them that it can be done.

Once they save enough for their own apartment, we will help them move and through donations get them the furniture and necessities they need. This will be their graduation point of the program. We will have a small graduation party for them before they turn in their housing assignment.

Each housing unit will be equipped with a refurbished television, a small microwave, a micro-fridge, a twin bed, and a dresser. There will be a community bathroom and shower building, a dining hall, kitchen, along with an administration building with a computer lab.

It will begin to give them a sense of being safe to start out and then work on other program groups, everyone will get to know each other and begin working on social skills along with other implemented programs.

This will have a high impact on our communities and through word of mouth and some small flyers we hope to take in a maximum number of individuals per site location. We just need our communities' support to assist us in implementing this project.

The total cost of the project for each location is approximately $242,666.56. Our intentions are to assist homeless individuals regain their self-sufficiency, have site location across the United States, and to rebuild our economy by creating jobs per location.

If you want to help show your support, please donate by leaving a tip and it will be greatly appreciated. I will post updates periodically here on our progress. Let’s all make a stand for homelessness.


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I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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    Brandi PayneWritten by Brandi Payne

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