Never Give Up

by Haley Paul 2 years ago in love

Love is hard, when you get your heart broken, keep going.

Never Give Up

Love. We all experience it. But do we handle it properly when the world comes crashing down around us?

In life, I was taught that everyone, whether it would be a relationship or friendship, is a lesson or a blessing. Never regret a person because at one point they were what you wanted. Well, what happens if what you wanted told you, "I want you in my family one day?"

My friends, avid readers, everyone, that happened to me. By chance, I met this great guy my last semester of college. I fell HARD for him. No one ever thought we would get together, out of everyone on campus, us. We both had recently got out of a relationship and were not looking for anything serious. At least, at the time that's what he told me. But he was a great guy so I said okay, I really like you so let's hangout. And that's what we did. We spent a lot of time together, late nights, deep conversations, we got to know each other very well.

Summer vacation came and I graduated and he went home and we still had our little 'relationship' going. Everything was great until he changed. He came back and we still saw each other. He told me he "Wasn't in the right head-space for a relationship." Which was fine, me being patient, I understood. THEN, he said it. The big three words, "I love you." I was so happy, because I loved him too. But then everything went downhill. We fought a lot, he blocked me, called me selfish, took a break, he slept with someone, came back, and apologized. I thought everything was great for about two weeks then that's when he admitted that he had slept with someone but claimed he still loved me and thought about me the whole time.

The next day you ask? Blocked. Yes, I was used. Here was someone who told me they wanted me in their family one day, someone who I thought, "Even though we are going through this tough time we will come out stronger," but no. He thought it was best to block me on everything and that he could send his long text message and just leave. It's hard. Now here I am alone and I have to look back on 2017 and wonder what all this was for? Will this make me question love, intentions, words? I don't know. But I do know that this was a lesson learned. That love is blind. Everything needs you and your love though. Even though it hurts you, they probably needed it at the time.

The people you meet are stepping stones to the right one. It's hard to leave when you think you can change a person, but you can't. The only person that can change them is themselves. They would want to change and get better for you. Believe in second chances, but if you see the same patterns as in the first chance, then you know it's time. As great singer, songwriter Sam Smith has said, "I'll always love you, but tonight's the night I choose to walk away." Know when it's time to walk away for your mental, emotional, and physical health. You deserve better.

So please, if you're reading this, whatever your situation may be with a significant other, don't give up on love even if love has failed you in that moment. Seasons change and people will come and go. If someone really cares and loves you they will not put themselves in a position to lose you. With the way our love culture is, with 'side chicks' and the 'amount of bodies' you can get is not okay. I know it's hard, but you'll find your diamond in the rough. I hope that you can relate to my story with whatever you're going through and that it can help guide you through your tough time. Please, never give up on love. The world could really use a heart like yours.

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