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A True Love Story


April was when we met. You were dating my best friend and I was dating yours. It seemed you knew her pretty well and made her happy.

At first.

Soon the arguments shown, you guys looked tired. Bloodshot eyes almost anytime we called you to come do something with us. Almost as if one more thing that ticks you off would be the end of it.

You came to me for advice, explaining as much as possible without overdoing it. You never made her seem like the bad guy which, let's face it, was really hard. All you guys could be happy about was having sex, nothing else. After sex came the arguments or just plain ignoring each other's existence until round two came along.

I felt bad. I couldn't give advice because I didn't want to be biased due to already recently going through a breakup of my own. I knew you guys shouldn't have been together. We became close. Ice cream every Friday night at my place, movies to accompany it with. Pajamas and ugly looking face masks I told you would liven up your skin, until your girlfriend called to yell at you because she now thought I was a threat. She and I lost our friendship based on her not trusting me anymore.

Weeks went by without seeing you. I had ice cream night alone, but it was okay as long as you had a better relationship now. I was happy for you.

You knocked at my door a month later. Ben and Jerry's in hand, my favorite and yours, even though you completely despised me enjoying Cherry Garcia. You brought a movie of your own.

I invited you in, knowing that something must have been wrong. I grabbed us our spoons; the big ones, because the small ones make the ice cream melt faster if you can't get a lot of ice cream in one spoon. You told me to put the movie in so I opened the case, but no disc was there, just a note. How cheesy.

"I know you probably hate me, or even thought I was dead, but surprise. I've missed you... And have ice cream."

I laughed and you hugged me.

This was the first day we hooked up, Sure I may have been a rebound at that moment but it felt right. It's like you already knew everything I needed.

We started an actual relationship the week after. I was already much happier than I ever was with anyone else. You've seen me naked. Not just the no clothes naked; the messy hair, no makeup, morning breath, and involuntary ice cream dripping down my face naked.

God, you made me so happy.

Four years later, a truck slammed into you on your way to work. You were in critical condition, barely anything kept you alive and you were in a medically induced coma. When I got there, I looked at your hand and saw the ring. Tears formed in my eyes and I looked up at you, it seemed like just the right time. You cast a small smile on your face before flatlining.

The doctors and nurses came in. Everything felt slow like the movies portray. I was escorted into the waiting room.

The doctor came out and said the news. Tears couldn't be held back anymore. She reached in her pocket and took out a single post-it note. She told me it was in your coat pocket and it was the only thing they could preserve:

"I saw the test under the sink you were hiding from me until I got home. I can't wait to be a dad."

L.  Welch
L. Welch
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