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My Wife Wants A Divorce How Can I Change Her Mind (She Wants A Divorce But I Don't)

Are you sitting there worrying, thinking to yourself my wife wants a divorce how can I change her mind? If so I'm so sorry because that's a terrible awful place to be. I know because I was right there as well. If you're in a situation where you're saying she wants a divorce but I don't, then this might be the most important thing you've ever read.

By Everly NovaPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

"My wife wants a divorce and I'm worried!" Of course you are. Your wife is essentially telling you that she's done putting in the necessary energy and time that is required to make your marriage a success. Instead of putting your marriage before everything else, she's decided to throw in the towel and move on. You probably can't believe it. How could you go from being a happily married couple to watching your relationship slowly fall apart into a million pieces? Getting lost in the confusion of this is too easy. Once that happens you may feel so paralyzed by emotional fear that you do nothing. That will only result in your wife pulling herself farther and farther away from you until she's filed for divorce. You must be proactive about this. You have to do whatever it takes to save your marriage and regain your wife's love and affection. Sounds like a big order, doesn't it? As impossible as it feels right now you can completely turn around your marriage so your wife loves and adores you as much as she did the day she walked down the aisle and pledged her life to you.

Obviously if your wife wants a divorce she's reached a point where she feels that living apart from you is going to offer her more than living with you. This is a bitter emotional pill for any man to swallow. Essentially it's one of the worst types of rejection. What could be more painful than learning that the woman you love has decided you're not worth the emotional investment it takes anymore? You must learn quickly how to control your emotions if this is happening to you. You're likely to feel overcome with not only disappointment and sadness but also anger as well. Lashing out at your wife may feel natural, but it's not helpful in any way. If you can control what you're feeling and interact with her in a calm and mature way, you'll fare much better.

Talk to your wife. This seems incredibly obvious but many men shy away from addressing the real issues that are pulling their marriage apart. Hearing the person you adore say critical things about you is never easy. You must listen and learn from her though. Allowing your wife the chance to speak her mind and share her feelings can quickly change the dynamic of your marriage. If she starts to feel valued and heard as a woman and as a partner, she's not going to be as quick to want to throw in the towel and wash her hands of the marriage.

You need to be prepared to change for your wife if she's on the cusp of ending your marriage. Marriages are all about understanding and compromise. If you've changed since the day you two shared your wedding vows, it may be part of the problem that you are facing now. If your wife has suggestions about things you can positively change to improve yourself and the marriage, listen and then implement those changes. Your marriage is at stake so it's important that you do whatever is necessary to get your wife to feel close to you again and for her to find confidence in your connection with one another.

Discover How to Rescue Your Troubled Marriage

Ending a troubled relationship may seem an easy way out but if you cannot figure out what went wrong and wasn't able to fix it, chances are you will encounter the same situation in your next relationships and you may experience a series of relationship failures. It is best to try to rescue your troubled relationship than escape from it. Marriage is a lifetime commitment and you both vowed to keep it for better or for worse.

In the beginning of a relationship, things may seem perfect but as the years go by you realized that keeping a relationship is not easy and your spouse is not perfect and so are you. Kids, marital responsibilities, financial problems and your demanding job are all taking a toll on you and now your relationship is in trouble. Relationships are complicated and most couples experience moments of doubts, pain, disappointments and many other negative things in their relationship but many couples were able to surpass those trials because they made a decision to rescue their troubled relationship. Is your relationship in trouble and needs to be saved? The following tips can be very helpful if you want to rescue your troubled relationship.

Create a positive atmosphere. With your marriage in trouble now, for sure the atmosphere in your home is very negative so try to lighten up the atmosphere and be more positive. Things may get worse if you will approach things with negative attitude. It can be very hard to rescue a troubled relationship if you are full of negativity. A more positive attitude will bring more positive atmosphere. You may get positive response from your spouse if you will change your moods and the way you handle issues in your relationship.

Be careful in dealing with money issues in your marriage. There are reports that financial difficulty in a marriage is one of the leading causes of divorce. If your marriage is in trouble because of financial issues, you have to be very careful in discussing this with your spouse if you want to rescue your troubled relationship. Nagging and pressuring your spouse about money matters will not fix the problem in your marriage. Why not help your spouse to bring in more income in your family and as a team, remedy the financial issues in your marriage. Although it can be really difficult to stay calm, avoid nagging your spouse about money because it will not solve the problem and will just make the situation worse.

Agree to disagree. Fighting over issues that you both have different views can be very tiring and can bring trouble into your marriage. If you and your spouse usually argue and cannot arrive to a common decision, learn to agree to disagree. We are all created with unique personalities and we have to respect each other's individuality. To bring more peace in your relationship and to rescue your troubled relationship, respect each other and agree to disagree. It is also important to avoid arguing over small things. Exert more effort to avoid arguments and avoid hurting each other to maintain the peace in your relationship.

Convince your spouse to seek marriage counseling. Of course it is ideal to rescue your troubled relationship without involving other people but if the problems are getting bigger and too much for you and your spouse to handle, giving up is not the easy way out. There are people who can help you to figure out and resolve the issues in your relationship. We all need a hand sometimes to solve our problems. It is best to convince your spouse for marriage counseling and seek professional help to rescue your troubled relationship.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and as the years go by, the work that you need to do to keep your marriage is not going to be easy. Relationships are complicated and it is nothing but natural to encounter difficulties but if you are both willing to rescue your troubled relationship; things will fall into their right places. It is important to do all you can to save your marriage before it is too late.

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