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My Surgery

Written the Morning After

By Rene PetersPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
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Yesterday, December 4, 2023, I had surgery. It wasn't the first one but it's the only one I have remembered enough for a good story. While it was a routine one, a tonsillectomy, it was a rough day.

On Friday, when they called for an arrival time, they said 2:30 pm. Of course I said, "Okay. Sounds great." I got several calls yesterday morning...

"I know we said 2:30 but is it possible for you to come at 1:30?"

"Can you come at 1 instead?"

"I'm so sorry for calling again but can you come in now?"

After consulting with my mom about the third one, she said sure. The first two, I said yes and just told my mom. By that point, all I wanted was caffeine and food.

We got checked in at about 11:30-11:45. I was completely ready (changed, IV placed, and vitals taken) in pre-op at about 12:15, at which point my mom came back and stayed with me while we just waited. The IV, required to be in my hand, didn't hurt but it sure as hell caused discomfort. The bag of IV fluid, similar to Gatorade, was gone in under an hour. I found out when I pushed the "call nurse" button because I had to use the bathroom so bad. The bag was replaced a little while after I returned from the bathroom to avoid dehydration.

Even though I was asked to be there much earlier than originally, I didn't start to meet the operating team until 2:45-3 pm or so. First was the anesthesiologist who explained exactly what he would be doing. He first told me what I will experience but added what they do when I'm asleep. For your stomachs, I won't share that part. Next were the nurses who would be there. They came about 10 minutes apart and explained how they would be there to help and keep me safe. After the nurses was the physician's assistant, just so I knew who was helping out. Last was the surgeon. She was who I consulted with, so I knew her but my mom didn't. She came about 15 minutes after everyone else was gone.

About 30 minutes after the surgeon stopped by, around 4 pm, they gave me part of the stuff to relax and said I'd get the rest when I was on the table. On the way to the operating room, he asked if I felt it kicking in. My response made him laugh... "I don't know. I'm a weirdo as is so it could be hard to tell."

A couple minutes later, we were in the operating room. With some struggling, due to the IV discomfort, I scooted onto the operating table. The rest of the relaxing agent was pushed through the IV, stinging as it entered my body. I took a few deep breaths of the anesthesia and fell asleep.

Next thing I know, I'm waking up around 5:15 pm in the recovery room, needing to use the bathroom yet again. The first two things I asked were, "Do you have paper so I can write questions down before I forget them?" and "Can I go to the bathroom or do I have to wait?" The nurse gave me paper and a marker. She then said, "It's your choice... You can either wait 10-15 minutes or use a bed pan." I opted to wait because I struggle with bed pans.

After we left recovery and went to post-op, she said, "Do you think you can walk to the bathroom?" I nodded and she walked with me. What I was unaware of was that walking and using the bathroom were required for me to leave. Since I did both, the nurses tried getting a hold of the doctor and physician's assistant but both had left for the day since I was the last patient. I should note the PA did check on me after waking up but I forgot about the paper at that moment. Luckily the discharge paperwork is extremely specific and had answers to everything I was asking about.

After taking the IV out and letting me get dressed, the nurse asked my mom to bring the car to the front of the hospital. While my did that, I was asked if I had anymore questions, how I felt, and if I was nauseous from anesthesia. I was wheeled to the main entrance after assuring her that I felt fine. While she wheeled me out, I asked why wheelchairs are required after surgery. Apparently anesthesia makes falls more common for up to 24 hours after it's given to someone.

While the pain wasn't bad last night after the surgery, whatever they gave me wore off by 9 pm. For a week, I have to alternate Tylenol and Ibuprofen (both are liquid to limit pain when swallowing) around the clock, including waking up in the middle of the night to take them.

I think it's going to be a rough recovery but but it will be worth it to not want to rip my throat out from sore throats and strep 6-7 times a year.


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Rene Peters

I write what I know, usually in the form of poetry. I tend to lean towards mental health, epilepsy, and loss/grieving.

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  • Hannah Moore4 months ago

    I didn't want to read this, being a wimp about this things, but actually it's lovely to read such a calm, collected story of what happened. I hope you heal well.

  • L.C. Schäfer4 months ago

    It sounds like it went OK. I'm glad! And my stomach thanks you for your discretion 😁

  • Babs Iverson4 months ago

    Take care Rene!!! 💕❤️❤️

  • Finally it's over! So glad your okay. Take care and rest well ❤️

  • Mother Combs4 months ago

    Prayers for a speedy recovery! <3

  • Celia in Underland4 months ago

    It will be worth it! For sure!

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