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My life of a mom out of high school and Military Wife

by Kalista Tamborski about a month ago in marriage
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An unexpected beginning

As I graduated high school I knew life was only beginning. But I didn’t know it was going to be life growing within me. That summer, a guy friend of mine who I had never met was getting back from a trip to Ireland. He wanted to meet me that same night his flight landed. I was in disbelief he would actually show so I said, “’s my address..”. Little did I know that was a life changing text. He showed up that night and ever since then we hung out all summer and even went on a vacation together to Virginia Beach. May I mention he paid for everything. Now I’ve had a past of not so good boyfriends, I was dumbfounded with how amazing he was to me. He had even bought me a dozen roses. I cut off one of the roses and placed it in the Bible where they talk about marriage.

Now, I hadn’t had my period in 2 months. This was not normal for me. We laid together talking about names as if we knew I was pregnant. He wanted to marry me even. Before we kept on with this fantasy I took a few pregnancy tests and one of which had a faded second line. We didn’t know if we were truly seeing a positive test or if our eyes were tricking us. I was quick to make an appointment. They ran a urine pregnancy test…it came back negative. We were both confused. The doctor went on to prescribing me medication to start my period. Leaving the office neither of us said a word. We got coffee…still in disbelief. Part of us wanted so badly for it to be positive. After that day, we stopped talking.

A month went by of me taking these pills. He had then went off to boot camp. I became very ill. My best friend had rushed to urgent care with me. My temperature was 103. I felt back ached terribly. The nurse wanted to do a pregnancy test right away as she found out I hadn’t had my period in nearly 3-4 months. I insisted it wasn’t pregnancy. I told her what had happened and how I’ve been taking pills to help start it but it won’t come. She gave me no other option but to take the test. She came back into the room and told me the test was positive. I bawled. I was shaking. The man I loved..the father to my child..was in boot camp. I had no way of telling him. I was furious at the doctor who gave me the pills. I was furious he didn’t do further tests. I went to get ultrasounds and the baby looked and sounded healthy.

Christmas came rolling by and he came home. He had just found out about my pregnancy. He wished he could have been there. Things were different between us. We had to get to know each other all over again. But we did. We wanted the best life for our baby girl. Oh yes! It’s a girl!

Soon enough came delivery day. Four days past our due date. I was induced. I had terrible contractions all night. But for some reason I was not dialating at all. Morning came, the nurse came in and told me we need to do a c-section asap. Our baby girls heart rate had dropped and wasn’t coming back up. We were terrified. The bed ride to the operating room felt as if it was the longest ride ever. I was shaking beyond compare during the epidural. Once they began, there was so much pressure on my stomach so much going on. As they pulled her out she didn’t make one sound. They rushed her to the table. I kept asking “is she okay is she okay” my heart breaking to pieces. As I shed tears and closed my eyes I heard her cry. The most beautiful cry I had ever heard. The relief I felt with the sound of her cry. I didn’t want to go to recovery all I wanted was to hold her.

Both baby and I were healthy and ready to go home by day 3. We were on our way to our beginning together as a family of 3! But only 2 weeks after she was born her daddy had to return to base. He came home every chance he got. The 10 hour drive didn’t seem to bother him not one bit. As she turned 4 months old he had to leave for deployment. This was the hardest time. He hadn’t had much time with her not nearly enough time yet. He was gone for 6 months. Missing all the mile stones. All the sleepless nights. The tears the laughs. Everything.

He returned home and we got married. We bought our first home together near his base so we could suck up every moment together….

To be continued(:


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