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My Ex Boyfriend Is Dating The Girl He Cheated On Me With (He Cheated and Chose Her)

by Michael Hamilton about a month ago in dating
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I want to tell you right now that I know how much it hurts to have to say my ex boyfriend is dating the girl he cheated on me with. It hurts like heck, and is the last thing that you ever want to come to the realization of. This article will show you what to do if he cheated and chose her.

There' a saying that I've often heard Dr Phil say, "If Mumma ain't happy then no one is happy'. And this is certainly the same premise of why your boyfriend broke up with you.

If he broke up with you then chances are he probably perceived you as not being happy in the relationship. You might think that's a crock, you're really happy, but maybe you only showed you were happy in other areas of your life? Did you only show happiness at work, or with your friends?

Did you save up all your grumbles about your day when he walked in the door from work? Cause after all he's a great sounding board.

You might say to me, NO!!! I showed him I appreciated him, I was always bending over backwards, but ask yourself, deep down, were you happy? Or were you keeping score? Did you have an agenda? Did you think that if you showed appreciation too much then he would take you for granted? Did you think there's no reason to show him you're happy when you're the one doing 90% of the housework, and you're working? Were you controlling?

See when he perceives you as not being happy then that's a huge burden to him, he feels it falls on his shoulders to make you happy.

Wait!! You never expected him to have to make you happy. Maybe you didn't but your attitude still affected him.

I bet when you first got together you put all your problems aside and just had some fun. You showed your enjoyment. You were a lot more light-hearted. If you're fun to be with and enjoying your life then that's enough for any guy to stick around.

OK sure, maybe he left because he's an addict or running from the law or has serious mental issues, but failing that it doesn't take much to keep a guy happy. I'm not saying that you have to dismiss all the problems you have, maybe his behaviour is part of the reason you're unhappy. If he cheated on you and found someone else, chances are she's happier than you were. I'm not excusing his behaviour but explaining it.

I'm saying if you want to know why he broke up with you, 9 times out of 10 it's because he feels he can't make you happy anymore so why bother trying.

If he really is one of the good guys then perhaps you can start working on making yourself happy and when you feel better about that part of yourself then it might be time to get him back.

How to Get Him Back When He's With Someone Else

It tears you deep inside to watch your ex smile and laugh with someone else. They seem to have forgotten about all of the good times you shared, but they will not forget for long. But you actually have a few useful keys and tools at your disposal which will help you to bring your ex back regardless!

Read on to find out how you can get your ex back when they are dating someone new...

Know Your Edge

Yes, he may be seeing someone else. But remember that you know him better than the girl. How long have they been together? A week? A month? She probably has no idea yet of what his favourite foods are. This is your edge. Knowing his strengths and weakest points. Use this to your advantage. One of the best ways to show him that you're the one for him is to remain cool and confident despite what happened. This will stir up his interest and curiosity and you will keep on crossing his mind.

Pamper Yourself

Now is not the time to feel sorry for yourself. The best you can do is to make sure that you look lovelier, sexier, and hotter than that other woman so when you get a chance to bump into each other, he'll regret what he did. Make him feel that's it's his loss, not yours. Act normally. Talk to him. Talk to the girl. You can even try to be friends with her. It's always good to know that you have some edge over her.

Keep Your Communication Open

Don't be indifferent when you see him. You did have some good times together. Don't bring up mistakes in the past. Move on and focus in getting him back. Talk like you are old friends. You'll surely meet him somewhere so plan your strategy well. Don't be too excited when you see him. Act as normally as you can. Don't sound too eager, either. Keep him interested and fascinated with your transformation.

Make your ex's new partner like you

If your ex's new partner is someone you know, or someone that you could easily get to know, then get to know them better. In fact, become such a good friend and please their new partner so much, that anytime your ex does not please them, they will think you were far too good for your ex, and that they are too.

In the end, it will psychologically tell your ex that you are better than anyone they know, because not only can you please your ex in the end, but now you are pleasing their new partner. It will also give you a chance to force your ex to constantly think about you.

What will happen as well, is that your ex will be subconsciously forced to compare you to their new date, which in turn will also make them notice everything they hate about their new partner more easily. This will lead to a quick and fast break up.

Look at who your ex is dating and go from there

Is your ex dating someone who seems to be the complete opposite kind of person as you are? It's probably very likely that your ex is dating someone like this, which means they are NOT over you.

In fact, you have inadvertently affected your ex's dating choices, and by looking at who they are dating, they likely chose someone who DOES NOT do the annoying things you used to do around your ex.

Your ex picked someone new and someone different from you, because there were certain things about you which annoyed your ex and caused them to want to find someone who was partially like you in some things, but completely different in others.

Since they are dating someone new, it will be quite easy for you to notice the things which they don't like about you, and much easier if your ex has even told you about this new person.

Going from what you know here, you can now simply change those things that keep your ex un-attracted to you, so that they are no longer an inhibiting factor in getting your ex back. Once you change these things, you will get your ex back.

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