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Mom's white hair

by NatalieMarmol 4 months ago in love
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Mom asked me to dye her hair, and although we all tried to persuade her to do so,

Mom's white hair
Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

Mom asked me to dye her hair, and although we all tried to persuade her to do so, as always, she always looked in the mirror and pulled her hair out and found new gray hairs, and she always said to herself in pain, "Hey! My hair!" I always frowned when I picked up the brush and put on the strong chemical-smelling hair dye. Yes, how bad it is for mom's health! But if I don't dye it, my mom dislikes her hair, after all, she is a person who strives for perfection in everything.

I was a little sour. When did mom grow so much gray hair? She did not know, she said she used to go to school, after school have to climb several mountains, that mountain, the road is full of yellow soil, if it rains, it will be worse. I was a little heartbroken, yes, it is because of the hardships of childhood life, so she will pay ten times more than ordinary people to get out of that mountain.

My thoughts went back to the speech contest in the sixth grade. The teacher had said early on that she wanted a piece of music, and I had told my mother. But when the competition was approaching, she apologized and told me she had forgotten. At that time, I couldn't help but yell at my mom, who hung her head low and worked until late at night ...... for me that night. I completely ignored the fact that my mom was an elementary school teacher who worked like this every day. Perhaps, it is in this day and night to stay up late that she slowly grows old ...... but she still urges me to study every day and is energetic about her work.

In the evening study, the physics teacher gave us a paper to do by ourselves. Perhaps, it was because I took it too lightly, and physics itself was a bit difficult for me. So, when the test was over and the teacher handed out the paper, I was stunned to see a score, of 72 points, which was not particularly low, but for me, who was always good in language, mathematics, and English, it was not flattering. When I got home, I got up the courage to tell my mom about it, and I was ready to get a K. But my mom only said gently, "It's just a small test, don't be too upset, but you should also buy a book and practice at home, okay?" Perhaps my mother's tone was too gentle, and I couldn't help the tears that fell before she finished. Mom gently stroked my head, "Don't cry, son, your brother will laugh at you later!" I slowly stopped sobbing, and I decided that I must study hard.

When I returned home from my evening study session, I saw that the light in the kitchen was on. I knew that my mom must be making me something delicious again - since I started junior high school and had evening study, this had become a must for my mom. Sure enough, I followed the scent in and my mom pulled a few chicken wings out of the pressure cooker. I stared at the wings, unable to take my eyes off of them. Mom shoved the bowl into my hands. My smugness said, "What a great way to know your daughter!" She smiled and gave me a tap on the shoulder. I squealed petulantly and fled from under Mom's arm.

At the table, I savored my chicken wings as my mom looked at me with a smile. In the light of the lamp, I found the wings more and more delicious, and I offered one to my mom. She shook her head and said, "You're tired from studying, eat more!" After saying that, mom pushed the chicken wings into my mouth, then got up and went back to her room.

The late autumn night was extraordinarily quiet, and before I knew it it was eleven o'clock. I packed up my stationery and prepared to go to bed, only to see that the light in my mother's room was still on, and through the doorway I could see her sitting at the computer desk, her fingers tapping rapidly on the keyboard ......

These, perhaps, are the reasons for mom's new gray hair!


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