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Mastering the Art of Mind Reading

Three Crucial Techniques

By Jeanette MPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Mastering the Art of Mind Reading
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To truly understand someone's thoughts, mastering three essential techniques is key. These methods will enable you to effortlessly discern what anyone is pondering. Let's explore a Buddhist tale that illustrates how to read minds.

The Tale of the Blind Brother

In a small village long ago, two brothers lived together. The older brother was blind and spent most of his time at home, while the younger brother worked as a farmer. However, their farm was frequently destroyed by animals. Troubled by this, the younger brother came up with a solution: he asked his blind brother to help scare away the animals.

The younger brother built a small hut in the field and placed his elder brother inside it, instructing him to shout if he heard any animal sounds. The blind brother agreed and began sitting in the field, shouting whenever he heard animals, effectively scaring them away.

An Encounter with the King

One day, a deer ran through the field and broke the fence before running away. Shortly after, a king pursuing the deer arrived and asked the blind brother if he had seen it. The blind brother replied that he was blind and could not see a deer, but advised the king that the deer was not worth chasing.

Astonished, the king questioned how the blind brother knew this. The blind brother explained that the deer was actually a pregnant doe, implying that a king should not hunt a pregnant doe. Skeptical but curious, the king sent his commander to verify, who confirmed the blind brother's claim.

The Blind Brother's Wisdom

Impressed, the king posed another question: he wanted to know if his wife was faithful. The blind brother, under threat of death, requested to be alone with the queen. When alone, he asked to touch her, provoking the queen's fury. She beat him, confirming her infidelity. The king, enraged but enlightened, demanded to know how the blind brother knew.

The blind brother explained that the queen's violent reaction indicated her guilt. Satisfied with this answer, the king asked another question: was he truly his father's son? The blind brother affirmed this but added that the king was under the shadow of a miserly merchant. The king's mother later confirmed this, revealing that the king was indeed his father's son, but the influence of a miserly merchant was present.

The Techniques for Reading Minds

The blind brother then shared three techniques for reading minds:

Observing the Eyes: Eyes convey a lot without words. By focusing on someone's gaze, direction of look, and pupil size, one can discern their thoughts and feelings. Wandering eyes may indicate a desire to escape the conversation, while steady eyes show honesty and interest. Eyebrow movements and the redness or whiteness of the eyes can also provide clues.

Understanding Facial Expressions: The face is a canvas that reflects internal emotions. A frown, a smile, or even the tightening of skin between the eyebrows can reveal someone's state of mind. By paying attention to these expressions, one can understand if a person is happy, sad, confused, or interested.

Reading Body Language and Gestures: Gestures and body language are powerful indicators of thoughts and emotions. Fast finger tapping may indicate impatience or nervousness, crossed arms can signify defensiveness, and leaning forward shows interest. Touching the face frequently might suggest anxiety or deep thinking.


To read minds effectively, one must focus their mind and live in the present. This mindfulness allows for better observation and understanding of these subtle cues. Saints and enlightened beings excel at this because their minds are calm and focused, enabling them to read others effortlessly.

By mastering these techniques, you can become adept at understanding anyone's thoughts, enhancing your interactions and connections with others.

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