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By Vicki Lawana Trusselli Published 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 6 min read
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This is a story about Maslov’s hierarchy of needs of human motivation. Maslov’s hierarchy of needs is a pyramid very similar to a corporation hierarchy. This theory says there are many of us human beings living on the bottom rung of the ladder of the pyramid. Many people are barely surviving the physiological needs of surviving with food, water, air, shelter, and sleep. The people living on the self-actualization for personal growth, fulfillment, and a realization of one’s potential can seem out of reach for people on the bottom rung of the pyramid. A low-income person struggles to make ends meet, feed their family, and attend to their needs as the self-actualization of their life has been squashed due to being extremely tired, high rent, bills, and groceries. As our high inflation erupts society, I feel sad because I know how they feel. However, I studied Mid-Management in college in the 1970s. I was at the beginning of the woman power movement of self-actualization.

Today what happens to the poor? What happens to the people squashed by corporations and the ten wealthiest people in the world? Although the hierarchy of needs is a pyramid of equality vs. equality.

We are equal as human beings, but some people have different personalities, egos, and the mores of their sociological environment. I was always a person who loved college. I love books, movies, and music. I am a multi-tasker. Not everyone has the knowledge or capacity to understand how to move forward. I never chased after the golden calf.

To me, my self-actualization was attending college until I was 51 years old. I love art, music, film, writing, reading, and the beach to regroup.

Some people will remain in the two bottom levels of the pyramid because either they are not capable of moving upward or they do not have time to move upward as they are consumed by working two or three jobs to make ends meet.

My question to ponder is:

What happens if someone were to turn the pyramid upside down?

In today’s society, as well as the past, present, and future of our society we are subdued by once one is wealthy on the top rung of the pyramid then they are the ones who can be the selfish person of wealth flaunting their status. Would the pyramid tipped onto its points fall over if the elite made it possible for all of us to have self-actualization?

The point would be the elite refuse to include everyone, and it has been this way for centuries.

My business professor taught me in the 1970s that self-realization does not always mean that a person must be wealthy to obtain that goal. So, we move forward with the past, present, and future as we flow into a new world of peace, love, and light. I adhere to this philosophy from the 1970s. As a woman, I want to continue to promote equality among all human beings. To some folks when I mention equality they cannot see beyond their black and white stoic thinking. To be equal means a woman or man or LBGTQ has accepted their learning capabilities to expand to self-realization for who they are as a unique individual. Equality means giving another human being a chance to accelerate their life to what they consider to be it’s okay to be who they are. Not everyone can be a doctor or lawyer or even for that matter, a mechanic. All these skills require the person to have the ability to perform in whatever manner they consider to be their goal.

If one does not have the opportunity such as higher education or a trade to learn then they are the ones that fall from the first rung of the pyramid.

I would like to interview homeless folks because I want to know why they are there. What happened that caused them to fall from grace? Not all people who fell off the pyramid are on drugs or alcohol. There are thousands of people living one paycheck away from the streets, and that includes all walks of life. Depression runs rampant among this population of people that has spread globally. ‘

What can we do as writers to tell the stories of these people from all walks of life who fell off the bottom rung of Maslov’s hierarchy of needs?

“Maslov’s hierarchy of needs is a theory of human motivation proposed by psychologist Abraham Maslow. According to this theory, people have five levels of needs that they seek to satisfy, from the most basic to the most complex. These are:

• Physiological needs: These are the biological requirements for survival, such as food, water, air, shelter, and sleep.

• Safety needs: These are the needs for security, stability, and protection from harm or danger.

• Love and belongingness needs: These are the needs for interpersonal relationships, affection, and belonging to a group.

• Esteem needs: These are the needs for self-respect, recognition, and achievement.

• Self-actualization needs: These are the needs for personal growth, fulfillment, and realization of one’s potential.

The corporation hierarchy of needs is a concept that applies Maslow’s theory of human motivation to the organizational context. It suggests that corporations have different levels of needs that must be met to achieve their goals and objectives. The levels are:

• Financial needs: These are the basic requirements for the survival and sustainability of the corporation, such as revenue, profit, cash flow, and capital.

• Operational needs: These are the needs for efficiency, effectiveness, and quality in the production and delivery of the corporation’s products or services, such as processes, systems, technology, and innovation.

• Strategic needs: These are the needs for direction, vision, and alignment in the corporation’s long-term plans and goals, such as mission, values, culture, and leadership.

• Market needs: These are the needs for competitiveness, differentiation, and growth in the corporation’s external environment, such as customers, competitors, partners, and stakeholders.

• Societal needs: These are the needs for contribution, responsibility, and impact in the corporation’s broader context, such as society, community, environment, and ethics.

According to this concept, corporations are motivated to satisfy their lower-level needs before moving on to their higher-level needs. However, the order of the needs is not fixed, and some corporations may prioritize different needs depending on their industry, size, stage, and values.”

Maslow suggested that people must satisfy the lower-level needs before they can move on to the higher-level needs.

Social Status is the relative level of social value a person is considered to possess. Such social values include respect, honor, assumed competence, and deference. On one hand, social scientists view status as a reward for group members who treat others well and take initiative. This is one explanation for its apparent cross-cultural universality. On the other hand, people with higher status experience a litany of benefits.” Information per research through Bing. In the 1970s I researched through archaic files. Today we all have computers to research files.

Information for this article has been obtained from Bing A.I. and my studies in Business Mid-Management in the 1970s. I wrote the story with questions. I was approached by one individual regarding his social status of worldly acclaim of fame. I was approached by another individual who believes so many writers are fake and are generating stories per A.I. with bad grammar. I had to observe both individuals from an objective point of view without judging either of them.

Today is February 23, 2024, as I write this story of questions.

For your information, I have downloaded the app Grammarly. I recommend this app for writers.



FEBRUARY 23, 2024

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  • L.C. Schäfer2 months ago

    You can hyperlink or embed your sources to make the links at the bottom clickable 😁

  • ROCK 2 months ago

    I so appreciate your contribution to our society within the Vocal-at-large; I was lucky enough to move to Sweden before the going got tough. Homelessness is absolutely comprehended by those who have family. So many with mental health issues and illness lose their jobs and face this scenario of poverty and hopelessness. It's a sad topic but very well laid out.

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