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Hear Them Roar!

By Len ShermanPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

If your birthday falls between July 23 to August 22, you are considered a Leo and especially if you had a head full of mane and were roaring when you were born—a long tail with a tuft of hair at the end would be a sure sign also.

Leo is the fifth sign, one of the fiery signs of the zodiac, which can be seen in the northern sky. It is one of the largest constellations and contains Regulus, which is a sparkling bluish-white star that helps define the shape of a lion, the symbol for Leo. According to Greek mythology, the lion was a very savage beast, nothing like our tiny, domesticated pussies and when Heracles (Zeus’ son) was sent to kill it, while strangling the massive kitty to death, one of his fingers was bit off.

Leos have huge, inflated egos but then again, you don’t have to be a Leo to contain that trait. You always maintain control over your kingdom even if it’s as tiny as an outhouse in the backyard. Since you consider yourself to be the hero of your own life, you might consider getting a T-shirt with I’M A HERO printed on it. Who knows, perhaps Marvel Comics will try to get you to join their lineup of superheroes? You are so enamored with your own radiance; your big toothy grin almost blinds you when looking into a mirror. And, like royalty, you almost expect people to be on bended knee when they greet you.

Because Leos are witty, effervescent, have an instinct for getting attention and hunting large mousies, people, especially women who don’t like mice, are attracted to them. And money, man! You’re a big spender but not much of a bargain-hunter—like many a politician, your public image is far too important. You can be downright catty concerning your clothing, they must have designer-fashion labels attached to them, especially where they can be seen.

Leos crave action and if they are ignored, don’t be surprised to find one curled up on your lap trying to get your attention. They tend to become depressed when things are too repetitious or routine. So, if you’re like that, you might consider lying on your back on a soft pillow and pawing at a ball that’s attached to the ceiling by a long piece of string or teasing your pet dog in order to keep your mind busy and interested.

However, despite Leo’s self-centeredness, they are extremely affectionate—while making love, they often purr in their lover’s ear. And since they’re mostly cheerful and make the best of friends, they are frequently considered the “cat’s meow”. Everyone should have at least one Leo in their life.

When it comes to business, Leos must be in command and are often found sitting at the front of a board table even if they don’t belong there. They enjoy giving orders, can’t tolerate being bossed around, but saying that, they wouldn’t tell anyone to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. Since Leos tend to crave the limelight, you might consider becoming a movie star like Jennifer Lopez or another Queen of pop like Madonna or movie action-hero like Chris Hemsworth.

Leos on the most part make wonderful partners and are known to mate for life. Because they love beautiful things, their spouses many tend to be very good looking, but shouldn’t be as pretty or handsome as them—they need to be in the spotlight. They are extremely loyal and make great parents too. If you are an unmarried Leo, it would be wise to tie the knot with a Sagittarius, Libra or an Aries. Another Leo is out of the question—you’ll be trying to scratch each other’s eyes out because you can’t be with someone who’s ego is as inflated as your own.

It’s odd, but Leos are quite often hated and that doesn’t make any sense at all because there’s something special about being a Leo. Noted for their good looks and being as brave as a lion, it’s not unusual when a Leo enters a room because their energy is so bright and sunny, the place suddenly lights up!


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Len Sherman

I'm a published author/artist but tend to think of myself as a doodler\dabbler. I've sailed the NW Passage & wrote & illustrated a book, ARCTIC ODYSSEY. Currently, I live on 50 semi wilderness acres & see lots of wild critters in the yard.

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