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Learn to overcome laziness and fear, and life will be a miracle

Dare to accept the miracle of life

By Ye Er fanPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

When we or our friends and relatives fall in love, are sad, unfortunate, or encounter difficulties, our usual encouragement will generally mention the three words "strong", as if it can get some comfort inside.

Every time I go to the gym, feeling exhausted and wanting to give up, the coach will encourage me: "I believe you can do it." It seems that I can hold on for a few more minutes.

In the morning, before I leave for work, I look at myself in the mirror and say, "Go for it". The day seems to start with confidence and motivation.

Maybe these are just unconscious words, but in a way, they reflect the importance we attach to "mental cues". Self-motivation gives us strength.

The reality is that some miracles of life sound are incredible.

The famous hypnotist Erikson was paralyzed at 17:00 by his illness. Several doctors said he wouldn't live to see another day, but he was convinced he would survive. As a result, he not only survived, but also actively rehabilitated himself, and a few years later even swam alone across the Mississippi River.

When I was in high school, I lived in a school. One night, while I was drinking water, my cup suddenly and inexplicably fell to the floor. That night, I woke up crying in my sleep, tears kept falling. I felt very strange. In the morning, my father called to tell me that my grandfather had died last night.

The book also mentions an even more amazing thing: two famous psychologists designed an elaborate series of experiments and succeeded in proving that waking people can transmit the image in their minds to sleeping people outside many rooms, so that the image appears in the dreams of sleeping people, and that this phenomenon can be repeated.

After reading this, I think many people's minds will get a little out of control and wonder if the world is going to be a fantasy. There is no doubt that in reality, we are not superhuman and do not have superpowers, but we cannot avoid it. There is a force that guides us and makes us feel the miracle of life.

Miracles may sound mysterious, but they mean a lot in our journey of mental maturity.

Miracles in life may seem to appear randomly, but each gift from God is in your own hands because you deserve it. If we can do these two things well, then we can all welcome the miracle of life.

Two girls live together. As northern drifters, both often feel lonely. One of the girls chose to make friends, while the other chose to study after work. Five years later, the girl who was keen on making friends is still working as an ordinary office worker, while the other girl who studied every day went abroad to an Ivy League school and is living a completely different life.

These two life choices and outcomes are the first element of a miracle - overcoming laziness.

Choosing new friends can be a short-lived change in life and make one forget about loneliness for a short time. Also, making friends is an easy task, while investing in yourself and choosing solitude is much more difficult to learn.

And humans have the original sin of laziness. We are used to choosing the easier things and avoiding the real crux of the problem. That's why progress is always tough.

Some people may say that they work hard every day, come home to do housework, and play with their children on weekends. Very hard, not lazy at all. But laziness is not the same as how much time you spend and how you do your best.

I love to write and I write every day. My friends always praise me for being diligent, but in my heart, I know I am a Buddhist writer. Although I am more diligent, I am always lazy and try my best to finish when I have an assignment, and rarely write voluntarily when I don't. But most people who seem to be diligent have this hidden laziness, not to mention being lazy.

Why are we lazy? Because comfort and relaxation are the surface reasons, the deeper factor is the fear we feel inside. This is the second thing to do to meet the miracle - to conquer the fear.

The book gives an example to illustrate this: Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden by God for stealing the forbidden fruit. They were afraid to ask God why they could not eat it. Although they listened to the compulsion, the fundamental reason was that they were afraid. They were afraid to face the intimidating God for fear that he would lash out.

Sometimes the reason we run away may seem like laziness, but in fact, most of it comes from fear. You want to end your relationship with your girlfriend, but you don't want to say so. You may run away from cold turkey and philandering. The underlying reason is that you are afraid of your girlfriend's reaction and are afraid to face the unknown.

There are jobs to compete for. You want to work hard but are afraid to do so in front of others for fear of failure.

When you go to college to get a scholarship, you need it and want to prove yourself, but you still pretend that it doesn't matter in front of your classmates because you are afraid to face your efforts and you are afraid of being ridiculed.

Fear keeps us from giving our best, and naturally, we can't encounter miracles.

The miracle of life may seem like a gift, but not everyone is willing to accept it. One might even say that most of us are afraid to accept it.

Because gifts are not free, we have a hard time overcoming laziness and fear when it comes to getting them. Both require us to fight against the nature of avoiding problems.

To solve this problem, we must fundamentally change our mindset, which is to approach life with an attitude and mindset of acceptance.

We are always happy to accept unexpected pleasures, but choose to turn a blind eye to the guidance that makes us miserable because our acceptance is selective, our decisions are based on self-centeredness, and we cannot accept what is not in line with ourselves.

We often think we are working hard, working very hard, giving a lot, but promotions and raises never seem to come our way. Good things are not always remembered first, and we even think that fate is unfair.

Because our center is only ourselves, we look at the "why" of others with a critical eye, rather than thinking about our own "why". If we accept the reality of other people's success, we will have fewer doubts and ask ourselves instead: "How can I do it?" Only then will we gain the motivation to overcome laziness and fear.

Only by acknowledging our own biases and limitations and accepting others can we let go of our egos and have the strength to dare to accept the miracles of life and not fear the difficulties of our journey to mental maturity.


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Ye Er fan

If we give love, we get love。 and even in the most difficult times, we find there is always a way to get through。

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