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Really smart people

Not afraid to offend, and often "annoying"

By Ye Er fanPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

Never let yourself be a good old boy, you must understand that a good man is not the same as a good old man.

There is a personality known as the "pleasing personality", they are careful in whatever they do, and afraid of upsetting others, so no matter how aggrieved they are, they do not dare to turn the other cheek, even in their perception of turning the other cheek is an extremely ugly thing.

However, the fear of turning the other cheek will lead to their ultimate pain for life.

In the "courage to be hated" there is this passage: "living in this world, trying to not be hated by others, is a very simple thing; you only need to disguise yourself, to compromise to give up is enough; but know that will be hated by others, still adhere to their path, is the most difficult."

Life is not long, everyone should have their ideas, we can try to please people, but we can't give up our ideas to make others like them.

The wise people are mature in mind, they understand what they want and what the other party wants, after layers of screening, filtering out those who do not share the same aspirations, is responsible for life.

It is a difficult thing to please, people's desires are infinite and can never be satisfied, so trying to please maintain the intimacy of a relationship is simply better than direct restraint.

People live a life to live in their hearts rather than the mouths of the next person, behave upright, down-to-earth work and do not be carried away by the words of others.

Slowly you will find that the world is their own, and others have nothing to do with it. Be a person, when the face should be turned, do not be afraid to be out of step.

Really smart people are not talking to anyone, they are not only not afraid to offend people, and often annoying. Because they understand that, with three different views of people constantly entangled compared to, alone is a better practice.

Do your job, no need to be difficult

The more soft-heated people have no principles, and at the same time they are more likely to feel embarrassed, so spend their days worried.

Life is never very realistic, it will not be because you are sick and poor on your gentle, nor will it be because you are weak and incompetent and magnanimous. The hard life everyone will experience, even if it will not even spare the children.

Person, if you want to go forward in style, first learn to let yourself go, not ask too much of yourself, and do your job well, there is no need to be attached to those things that are beyond your ability.

There may be people who say that in this society too many principles people can not mix, however, they ignore the loss of principles when they also lost their own.

The power to move up in life only comes from oneself. Many people add flowers to the brocade, but very few send charcoal in the snow, to keep safe, it is necessary to reserve a pot of charcoal for yourself.

Do not seek perfection, only wish to be free of shame

By Rowan Kyle on Unsplash

Do not overly pursue perfection, no one can do perfection, the mouth is difficult to adjust, and by all like is impossible.

Do not be too concerned about the views of the next person, too concerned about the views of others will gradually lose their ideas.

Life is like autumn of grass and trees, do not have to deliberately pursue perfection, just seek to do their best to be worthy of themselves.

On the road of life, each has its value, the flowers in the valley no one heart will still bloom, and the lotus in the mud no one help but adhere to the clean look.

No shame in their own is the greatest strength in life, finding their direction frankly, how others say it does not matter, what is important is what your heart is insisting on.

If a person is too good to others, gradually will be taken for granted, everything for others to consider is not wrong, if they have too much for others to consider is making a mistake.

It doesn't matter if it's perfect or not, it's the most precious thing to have no shame in your heart.

Love yourself, refuse to be hurt

Jim Swapping once said: "walking in the world, everyone should be accepting and tolerant heart, but also learn to refuse." Taking a step back in dealing with people in the world is cultivation, to keep retreating is to be a wimp.

One can only have the heart to love the world if one loves oneself first.

Rejecting others in unreasonable matters is the ability to love oneself. The reason why we feel difficult when rejecting others is that we feel a great sense of guilt when we reject them.

If you feel that it is easier to do so than to reject others, then life will be full of bitterness.

Rejection is to push others away, this push away may hurt others, but if not pushed away will hurt themselves, smart people will not let themselves be scarred in life.

Torn face, is a timely stop

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Mo An, who grew up in poverty and often did not have enough to eat, thought it would be a pity not to finish all the roast duck and pancakes left over, so he continued to eat regardless. As a result, someone laughed at him and said, "Look at Mo An, he must eat back his money." At that time, he felt his face was hot and embarrassed.

However, the other person didn't say anything but continued, "How do you think he can eat so much? If all Chinese people were as good eaters as he is, then they would have been eaten into the old society."

After this incident, Mo An ate two steamed buns and drank two bowls of thin rice at home before going to the banquet, and then was slow and gentle at the banquet.

As a result, some people said, "Look at Mo Yuan's pretentious energy, as if he could eat with only his incisors and become like Jim Bayou." There is always a class of people in life, no matter what you do can not stop them from wanting to hurt your heart.

When you encounter such people, please directly tear the face without having to leave face, timely stop loss is responsible for their own good life.


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If we give love, we get love。 and even in the most difficult times, we find there is always a way to get through。

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